The People Series: Introducing Shifani Reffai

It’s been a while since I did one of these. Not because I ran out of people to write about. Okay I may have. sigh. But I also may have come across a few people I would’ve liked to include but they didn’t strike me as anything fancy. D’you know what I mean? Yes, I’m very judgemental like that. So are you okay so shush.

This time around, I had coffee with this lovely lady: Shifani Reffai. and trust me, she is fancy. I’ve known her before through the bestie, but no we haven’t officially met. But then life became tech-savvy and couldn’t stop posting selfies on Instagram and then I stumbled upon Dingiribanda.

Also, Shifani needs no introduction, but then I’m doing so anyway because the lovely lady is new to my blog, hokay.

(c) Shifani Reffai Pictures

(c) Shifani Reffai Pictures

The story of Dingiribanda is simple. She figured that the cat (she has a cat yes and Dingiribanda is a woman) would probably outgrow its fame and decided on posting pictures of her lovely paintings, like this one:

Holy balls. Made my LOTR boob cry out in joy.  (c) Shifani Reffai Pictures

Holy balls. Made my LOTR boob cry out in joy.
(c) Shifani Reffai Pictures

I jawk i jawk. But I mean, I saw the drastic change, given that I take less to animals and more to inanimate objects like paintings – tsk – stalked her on Facebook and wanted to see her lovely face and that lead to us picking up another very lovely hijabi chick and I was very thrilled to be surrounded by as many hijabi chicks at the same time and boy, I’m getting carried away here.

Shifani 4

But the story of our meet up on a quiet ish Sunday afternoon at Whight & Co had a rocky start. I rocked the boat (as always) before I even met the fabulous lady because I overestimated my parents’ ability to be ready on time (again! and I don’t seem to lose faith in them) but alas. (backstory: I had to drop them off at a meeting before meeting the lovely lady because the carpets in other vehicle hadn’t dried after the Sunday bath #FirstWorldPains ) But yes, I was further delayed by missing the road, again – somehow Aloe Avenue is hard not to miss – and well, that happened.

(c) Shifani Reffai Pictures

(c) Shifani Reffai Pictures

So Shifani wears a whole load of hats, hijabs. If you want to check her out first, which I suggest you do, click on ALL of the following links. Don’t worry, they’ll open in separate tabs and once you are done there you can come back to reading this lovely piece of writing. 😀

(c) Shifani Reffai Pictures

(c) Shifani Reffai Pictures

But for me, what I most loved about Shifani are:

  • that she lived in India (Delhi – meh – though but still India!)
  • and that her first degree was in English.

I felt sentimentally connected and joyously thrilled at all those prospects. Also that sentence makes absolutely no sense when you read it again.

Because for me, I am yet to find that language / culture enthusiast who studied in India and has a strong connection and longing for the place as well (and I think I now have).

The People Series: Introducing Nithya Kodithuwakku Randeerage

Woots. It’s ­almost time for the People Series! And no you dirty bastard, I didn’t forget. Sheesh 😀 Well, this time around, I didn’t speak-in-person-buy-coffee-sort-of-thing coz this man is ‘Epicly’ busy and I was ‘Epicly’ lazy. Tsk. Sooooooo, I settled for the leetle information I’ve managed to bank over the extended Skype conversations.

So my December persona, (no it’s not Santa) is a guy from work, who does a lot of cool stuff with languages I do not understand. Ladies and gentleman, I give you Nithya Kodithuwakku Randeerage. He insists on all those letters being there as his Skype ID also. Go figure, Galle people 😛

So, while I was formulating the People Series, I just knew knew knew, that this boy had to be a part of it. Yes, he is a boy. It’s නිත්‍ය​ and if you can’t read Sinhala it’s /nɪθjʌ/ in transcription.

One of the main reasons I wanted to do a post about Nithya is his commitment towards things. I don’t find it right to go in to details and jazz, so will provide some of his links below *tsk* for the curious soul. But yes, commitment: be it relationships, work or personal goals. Also, Nithya doesn’t come alone. *please do not misinterpret, I’m typing this from work and trying my best not to laugh* He has two dynamic musketeers. I mean, the three of them must be together. Everywhere! Don’t even get me started with Foursquare check-ins. Bahahaha. But yes, those three fools have also been together >insert threesome< for aeons. Or two of them that soon became three and multiplied like those little bacteria. Sorry, I seem to have a nasty sense of humour today.

He is also a secret writer and envisions one day to write for these fellas. He does reviews and shiz lu. Now we all have a go-to tech-review fellow. Woots. When asked if he blogged, apparently he did, once upon a time and then deleted all the posts as it soon became dysfunctional. Ayyo salli.

This boy is seated a cubicle and a half behind me, sees everything that goes on my screen and occasionally Skypes a ‘Get off Twitter’ IM 😀 He also is one of those decent fellows who *Pasindu and Randula stop laughing* who double checks before throwing supposedly offensive language! Like w-h-o-a noh. I suppose if you tell him that-you-are-not-okay-with-the-use-of-offensive-language he may as well address you with a Mister slash Miss. I know. Holy mother of dragons.

A milo advocate, GoT fan *woots*, Android lover cheating on a MacBook Pro, Nithya does fancy stuff with software. I don’t really know what to even fluff it up in non-techy jargon. But yes, will miss this fellow and his +2s and a few others, soon. Buuuuut on the sunny side, I’m happy to have met them. Little rays of sunshine I must say 🙂

P.S. – The boys just graduated and got wasted! Congratulations! I hope you don’t go through the same existential dilemma that I’m trying to get rid of 😀

In case you wanted to stalk the fellow, here’s your chance.

LinkedIn | Twitter

The People Series: Introducing Johanns Rogers

So, first up in our People Series is none other than my favourite commenter (ahem, because he comments often!): Johanns Rogers. He has quite a few links and I cannot hyperlink just one and perform grave injustice, so I will do so at the end of this post.

Johanns or Rothbourne as I call him off screen, I actually learnt how to pronounce the former name when we met to have a chat. It’s pronounced like this /ʤɐʊɥæɴʂ/ (the phonetic alphabet isn’t universal, wage). Which was supposed to be tea, but ultimately he cheated on with juice and I on cafe latte. Chee.

Well, the meeting was a long time coming. WAY WAY WAY before I even thought of attempting people-based posts and shiz. Despite having known Johanns through Twitter, I think he and I may share some ‘history’, in a way that the general public would never even dream of! Muhahaha. *laughs secretly with Rothboune*

So what does this guy do? For starters, he is a WRITER too. YAY. Also, he does a lot of other cool things with computers and stuff. No not like pro-coding and shiz, actually I don’t know if he does pro-coding :O I wouldn’t say exactly what these cool stuff are, because I might be breeching privacy and well not being all professional noh. But, he is into everything that is new, online at least. If there is a go-to social media person, I would consult him, after Google! 😀 Best of all, we seem to do bits of the same type of work in completely different fields, but he still sends me cool links on (ruddy) Google plus, which even he uses to make life easy! I like nice people like this, who share knowledge for the benefit of mankind 🙂 Win.

Also also also, during the tea-sesh I discovered that the man is compere and public announcer and is not afraid of audiences! Why hello!? I thought I was not alone in hiding behind the screen and putting up sexy pictures of my rear. Sigh. Looks like I am the only one .*cries in a corner* If TweetupSL is still looking for people, like hello? *waves hands* I mean, he can be shape eke funny at times also 😀 Also also also also, achievement unlocked, it seems! While we were tea-ing, the boy no tweet! I was of course being rude and whatsapping away to glory, with the homefolk of course, who else do I whatsapp with, noh! But this boy didn’t! He tweeted so also. Yay yay.

Proof, that I'm nice company! Muhaha.

Proof, that I’m nice company! Muhaha.

Coco was a nice place as always, lots of hottie girls around and all. Also, Johanns is one of those people, like my bestie in the States (who is coming down for Christmas, yay!) who would know that I wasn’t being rude, if I go MIA for a few days. It’s not always that you find friends who respect your bizarre need for space, but when you do, you ensure that you keep them as friends 🙂 Here’s to more tweets and virtual teas. Hurrah.

Here is how you get in touch with the superb guy who made it first to my self-proclaimed ‘People Series’ 

WordPress | Twitter |  LinkedIn | Blogspot

Introducing ‘The People Series’

The Hype

Yes. My big surprise. Not that big so. But leetle noh. So, what is the hype all about? Well, I do not have an exact answer for that, but let’s just say that it’s my way of giving back. No, we no do CSR. It actually started with wanting to write about my top commenter Johanns and thanking him for constantly reading and commenting. But that’s when it got me thinking. What about all the nice other people I would like to write about?

The Elaboration

For most of the part, there is an inspirational story waiting to be told. A story of someone I know, but would also like the world to know about. They maybe known to me, or not, I don’t know. I’m opening it to public, lols, and do have concerns on the responses, if at all there would be any. (Please find the form below)

Another reason that prompted me to write their story is the change they are creating in their own realms. Some of my friends are doing some exceptional stuff, that completely goes above my head. Or it could even be something simple but one of those ‘why-didn’t-I-think-of-that’ ways. Most importantly, they deserve to be here coz they agreed to have coffee with me. Yay 🙂

The Story

I intend to start off with monthly blog posts, a little too difficult and not so feasible to make it more frequent than that. Maybe once I get some fancy DSLR, I’ll think about vlogging it. Or if I could hire someone to record it for me, I’d have more fun editing it, me thinks.

Contrary to popular belief, I try to be nice :)

Contrary to popular belief, I try to be nice 🙂

The Difference

So, I already have a category titled ‘Personal Profiles’. How different would this be from that? Well, this isn’t superbly personal. While these people are important to me, the post was written not following an overly personal relationship. Even if there was such a scenario, it would be happily disguised. Tsk.

The Intention

It’s purely for selfish reasons of course. I can’t write fiction, so I making the most of the people around me and narrating their stories.

But most importantly, I think it’s important for the world to know about the awesome people they maybe missing out on.

AWAIT: First post, when I’m not so lazy 🙂