05 Household DIY and Tips – I

And welcome! 🙂  It's not a Tuesday, yet but here I am! First up, let me do some explaining on my post because it doesn't seem like another daily rant!  I've always wanted to do a bit of a DIY or Tips n' Tricks post because I'm really big on these guys. I read, BuzzFeed and educate … Continue reading 05 Household DIY and Tips – I


How-To: Not Strain Your Caffeinated Beverage

It's blogging Tuesday! Yes, I started my little trend hokay. And I meant to type this out yesterday while I was 'not' working [official working hours - tsk], but ended up working while I was at home and haw, we know what happened next. Just a short intro to blogging Tuesday. I've been shape eke … Continue reading How-To: Not Strain Your Caffeinated Beverage

Fasting for Dummies

Eek. I've had inquiries! 🙂 Okay, two, two. But still. Makes me sound a fasting Guru aite? Tsk. To be honest, if it weren't for religious purposes, I may have not fast either. Fasted either. Do people say fasted? It's like saying cutted. 'Have you cutted the sandwich, Alan?' But then, there isn't a red … Continue reading Fasting for Dummies


Tertiary Education in SL for Dummies

So you are done with your first degree. Back - 'home', I am tempted to say, - in India, an undergraduate degree immediately follows a postgraduate degree with no work in between. However, over here things take a different turn to things. A one that is not too pretty, I'm afraid. The content that follows … Continue reading Tertiary Education in SL for Dummies


Fainting for Dummies

So for the first time in my life today, I fainted. I always thought it'd have more Anne Shirley romance but sadly, it had none of it. I broke a table. But hey, I've always been wanting to write a dummy series - tsk - followed by a review series. Keep your fingers crossed! So … Continue reading Fainting for Dummies