Surviving CHOGM: Day Five #Aftermath

The last official CHOGM post in the series, though the post may not be traffic-y, this is for @road_lk for saving petrol the past few days.

Hellos. I’m back early! I bus-ed back home today and work sent us a mail saying to leave early coz of probable traffic. Buses were shape eke less but all good, was home by six pm! WHOA. Killer journeys they were 😀 I know!

But today’s been an interesting day so far. Edited a video in a day, like a baws and updated myself on a lot of shiz has been going down on the Sri Lankan Political scenario on ‘progressive’ media. Yes, I’m calling Social Media progressive because suddenly Twitter is becoming a 140-character-Parliament. Worst of all, despite the word limit, they still can’t express themselves or make their little speech effective!

The madness on my side of the screen began with that CNN video on YouTube. As I said on Twitter a few hours ago, while I continue to have serious reservations on Dr Nonis’ answers, which I’ll leave for my little pink journal, the comments on YouTube?!

Why hello?! Just a few days ago the world was protesting against the be-on-Google+ for comments thing-amjig, but NO! The whole of Sri Lanka got on ruddy Google + (which I continue to dislike) JUST TO comment on that video. 

While it’s okay for one or two Sri Lankans to go all patriotic and shiz (hey, I’m patriotic when required but no, I wouldn’t die for my country) wasn’t that perhaps the best display of some mass-scale-psuedo-virtual-patriotism? Are you telling me, that Sri Lanka is capable of not saying something different? Anything? Please? Puppy dog eyes? I mean, that Medhani chick did some ‘Ex-Alien’ video which was downright bad. BUT, there were some people (who didn’t come across as sarcastic, to me) who did go on the, “Sin, don’t say that to her, she is a little girl.” route. But hello?! This is not some ex-boyfriend – supernatural madness?! It’s the country’s political image (already horrendously tarnished by the workings of some brown skinned kangaroo) on the internet!

  • Isn’t it bad enough that we are being all nasty towards foreign media and shiz while they are in the country?
  • Isn’t it bad enough that we have already been looked down on and given the silent treatment slash go stand on the stool until you learn your lesson dealio from the international community?
  • Isn’t it bad enough that we still have missing local media personnel?

But no no no. We no learn. Learning of any form is beyond us. Perhaps, I would like to think that those in Authority did not foresee the consequences of hosting the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. I mean it’s not as though the Human Rights allegations and non-implementation (correct me if I’m wrong, I haven’t been reading as much news) of the LLRC recommendation hadn’t shed enough limelight floodlights on the country’s dance floor already. It’s like how we were battling with Gold Coast to host the Commonwealth Games, which I’m pretty sure we couldn’t afford.

I dunno. Call me unpatriotic, but at this moment in time, it’s not about patriotism but showing the world who is sitting at our fancy hotels about how Sri Lanka has attempted to ‘learn from its mistakes’ and emerge a stronger, more educated nation, capable of defending itself when necessary and owing up to its mistakes when called out.

Surviving CHOGM: Day Five #TheMorningDrive

Good morning lovelies! It’s Friday! I just realised noh. Well anyway I’m at work! Yay! Was at work a little while ago, *baws* but had to make coffee and shiz noh.

So, how’d I pull off today? Hmm hmm hmm? 😀 Well, I woke up when the alarm went off *yay*, for starters AND got ready and went and woke the mothership. I was received with  a series of:

  • “Why didn’t you tell me you were going earlier?”
  • “I didn’t even make food for you!”
  • “Nangi, we haven’t even made coffee!”
  • “Now I have to get ready!”
  • “You should’ve gone to work with Akki yesterday (which I knew after having applied for leave) and stayed today noh!”
My emergency CHOGM pack.

My emergency CHOGM pack.

Haney manda, Charlie. So, I hopped on board 170 bus at 6.50 am with bus-able clothes. Lols. Full patiyalas and a kurthi and a hugggge bag (see pic) filled with goodies-if-CHOGMed. Had to buy food and water and add to it though.

The roads were pretty clear for me and I was at Darley Road by 7.20 am! In case you didn’t know the 170 route that applied to me: Battarmulla – Rajagiriya – Borella – Town Hall – Darley Road. But there were no tukis so I walked a little to Gangarama and then found a kind tuki who would take me. Haney :’)

So, I get to work and no one is at work. My pretty tech writer isn’t here! WHOA. She is always here. But wait, I think she said something on the lines of a half day on Monday? *scratches head*

So, I shape eke picked out some bus fashions. Tsk. Sorry, I be busing after a good long while and whoa some ladies have real long nails painted red and shape eke high heels in the bus! Annnd, even dare to wear white skirts and no g strings! :O Blasphemy. The men, well meh. Nothing much there. However, I was quite inconvenienced by the guy who was sitting on my right that stopped me from changing the songs on the iPod. Sheesh.

Well, I’m not sure how the evening would roll out. Charlie and Camilla seem to be hogging quite a bit of road space there. Even the 177s are cruising down Ward Place.

Have a good Friday ya’ll. I need to hunt down some food.

Surviving CHOGM: Day Four #Aftermath

Hello people. I’m back, again. (I’m quite proud of myself noh. One more day to go! Not jinxing it! FYI, weekends I stay at home, hokay. Unless it’s grocery shopping)

Bon Appetit!

Bon Appetit!

So, while you fools were driving home this evening, in traffic, I was making an out-of-this-world Spaghetti Bolognese. I don’t usually follow recipes since I embraced the joy of cooking in 2007 *baws* but I did, for this. I have no idea why and I liked it! I actually liked eating today. YAY. It’s pretty easy, I mean the only thing you actually have to buy from outside would be minced meat and spaghetti. And cheese too, unless of course you have excess cheese in the house like we did 😀

I tried Akki’s Nigella book. I mean it’s really pretty and all but I didn’t have time to Google for substitutes and all so I used the The Best Spaghetti Bolognese recipe from and was grooving to the following playlists while cooking 😀

Bon appétit!

Surviving CHOGM: Day Four #TheMorningDrive

Hello lovelies, good morning. This is me reporting to you live from, home. Yes, I didn’t go to work today. Why? Yes, I have paranoid parents. Buuuuuutt, our friends at @road_lk tell us that the roads weren’t not so bad? Well, it’s obviously not their fault. I mean, I have a murderous headache now and have become intolerably snappy. WHY, is the world doing this to me. *my failed attempt on creating d-r-a-m-a*

Well, let me tell you how shiz gets worse. When you finally agree to not go to work, comply with parental orders and apply for leave I hear a, “But you should’ve gone to work today! And sat at home tomorrow! Tomorrow would be worse hit! I don’t know where you will get this bus of yours tomorrow! Roads are closed!” That may have been only 0.3% exaggerated.

God, I’m seriously counting on you to remind me not to have kids. Okay?

Surviving CHOGM: Day Three #Aftermath

I’m back. Yay. A little later that expected, but you can’t expect less when you are stuck in traffic for three hours. Well, there were some stops and detours involved but seriously, what was the deal with Battaramulla? I’m dreading the Thursday morning drive. News around the house is that Parliament Road, Japan-Sri Lanka Friendship Road and Rajagiriya are closed. This means, we go through Thalawathugoda-Madiwela-Nugegoda- BUT – Thummulla will be closed too coz of BMICH and other fancy reasons.

Akki and I contemplated the bus, because the mothership is not going anywhere with her spaceship and then listed out the (once) possibilities:

  • 177 : Rajagiriya closed
  • 190 : Borella AND Town Hall closed
  • 170 : -do –
  • 163 – 168 : Rajagiriya closed (so how would Kotte work?)
  • 174 – 138 : Go allllllll the way to Pannipitiya. Chee.

Haney, I don’t know. I told my pretty boss that I might work from home if things get real nasty. Sighs.

So, looking a bit in to the drive back home. It was quite pleasant actually. I didn’t drive today as well, in the name of being sick. Which I was. Saw the medicine man who gave me medicines. Sigh. I should really start paying for those stuff now. As I said earlier, it was smooth-ish yes, until we hit our hood. Ugly piece of work that was.

We did manage to catch a glimpse of a white man standing with his cameraman in the middle of the Horton Place roundabout (near IOC), “I suppose it is a fine day for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Sri Lanka, yes.” At the same time, I saw a few brown news reports on us being ‘outspoken’ about Government expenditure in lieu of the Meeting. Hmm. A friend on Twitter probed a valid point: what if the delegates by switch  to a local channel for some Sri Lankan feels? Not so hospitable, noh. See, my problem lies in two places:

a) Should the Government have tackled this concern (which I’m sure they foresaw) much earlier on? Perhaps have implemented a more strategic, well mapped out development plan (as opposed to the overnight changes) or educated slash generated awareness among the country folk on the importance of putting up a façade? A little voice tells me that the latter may have worked. Common agreement based on honesty. For once.


b) Should local media have taken a call and not displayed this? I’m sorry but which newspapers are considered ‘private’ again? By giving publicity to such news, are we trying to portray ourselves as ‘brave and fearless citizens who have the freedom to express themselves on local media‘ or should these media houses have decided for themselves and not displayed it at all, but only to have been hooted at by BOTH the uncanny politicians and righteous citizens on how they ran away in fear of been abducted by a white van.

I dunno. Tough call on both noh. But I would’ve gone with (a). Not because I once worked for the media, but the Government is theoretically elected by the people and throwing in a Democratic stance, for the people too. So should not these representatives then decide what is right?

Surviving CHOGM: Day Three #TheMorningDrive

Good morning lovelies. A quick report on the morning drive before the enemy of my head takes over.

Given my present state of being, which is a little dicey, the mother insisted that she did the morning drive. I sat at the back, dozing off on occasion. First thing I notice is the good ol’ Janakala Kendraya in Battaramulla being dubbed ‘Ape Gama’. Fyi, B’mulla is so not a ‘gama’, hokay. Sheesh. So the car’s assumption was that all events and other B’mulla specials will no longer be permitted to host programmes in this sacred village area.

Second, was the fancy greenhouse thing-amjig. I still don’t know what that was, and all I remember was seeing a gazillion, read approximately fifty, cops in the area and the newly planted “CCTV Cameras in Operation” boards. Haw. I don’t know if this would result in the joggers and the walkers not being allowed to park on the side of the road.

For the past three days, I’ve realised that Sri Lanka having the innate potential to grow overnight. We’ve seen the magic. While I am unsure if this sort of development is sustainable or if it complies with the best practices of development, the potential is unquestionable. If only.

CHOGM week has also been a week of discovery #ColumbusEffect

Surviving CHOGM: Day Two #Aftermath

Hello my dear Lankans. Actually my favourite person from Nepal had looksee at this, so hello to her too. Sorry this came in a  little late. I had one of ze killer headaches last evening as well, (yes, I will get it checked, soon.) which was apparently accompanied by some fever *haw* and all I remember was sleeping in my work clothes. Haney.

So, last evening, my role comes to you as the passenger, from the backseat! 🙂 It’s been a long time since I was back there and it was a nice drive where I actually got to see the fancy trees and the pots and the plants that have found its away to my usual drive back home. And the bus stands! I REALLY WANT TO GO IN A  BUS NOW BECAUSE THE BUS STANDS ARE SO FANCY. They are made out of glass and shiz. Whoa. That’s like a piece of Dubai, cargo-ed. Right out of Trico, to the streets of Colombo. Nelum Pokuna (I cringe at that name as David cringes at ‘CHOGM’) had some fancy entrance being built overnight too. How that noh. Oh oh oh. Yesterday, or I think it was the day before, we also saw the fancy Mercs with the CHOGM number plates. FANCY shiz.

The street lights were of course switched on from 5.30 pm itself. Even those little yellow blinking lights that were once there at pedestrian crossings are now superbly functional. Sha. If you do drive past Green Path or take the 177, somewhere in the night (or when there is no sunlight) do ‘look through’ Viharamahadevi until you see the fancy shine of Town Hall. Did I mention this before? Or it must’ve been elsewhere, but if I haven’t, do check it out. It looked romantic, even to me! 😀

The houses are white, as requested. There were one or two devils who seemed to have defied the directive, I don’t know what became of them. The country now looks like every single house that hurries to: throw the unfolded laundry in the almara, puts on the carpet so the dust wouldn’t be seen, sweep the little dust to under the fridge and put quilts over the bed (quilts. in Sri Lanka. yes. absurd) because there is no time to fold the sheet or arrange the bed – before the visitors walk through the door.

Surviving CHOGM: Day Two #TheMorningDrive

Hello. I’m back. Again. So soon. See this CHOGM is making me blog more also. Kudos, wedamahaththaya! I have no idea where that came from. I’m actually writing the intro now, at 01.17 am to this so I wouldn’t spend too much time at work, blogging my worries out. Apparently Ashan boy liked it lu. Yay. Jolly news noh. Always encouraging to know that a super singular reader likes what you write and bam, that’s enough to keep you write about Day Two! 😀

So, news and worries in the car yesterday was about, ‘How would you get to work on Thursday and Friday?’

Eg: – Me : Mother

  • Tuk : LKR 5000
  • Bus : COUNTLESS number of hours on the road
    But I have a book to read, the Kindle with many more books, laptop, internet and a book to write? : death stare
  • Car : PETROL!
  • Sigh.

Moving on to Day Two. Well , our friends at Yes FM said that some soul whizzed from Nawala to Navam Mawatha in fifteen minutes. I haven’t been on a fifteen minute to-Colombo drive since my school days. But yay, noh? But we no take that route noh. We go the fancy Madiwela route that is approximately five kilometres more! But traffic wasn’t so bad. I didn’t kill anyone, nor did anyone try to kill me #PodiWins There were one or two fools, but overall not that fatal. It is my firm belief that we will all become more patient drivers by the beginning of next week.

Travels took the usual hour, gave me one of my now-usual splitting headaches, but it was a good drive. Jayawewa. All junctions are manned by cops however. They don’t control traffic, no. They are too smart for that. Instead, they stand at the turn off to the intersection, wait for the skilled motorist to make their own decisions (so parenty, they are going on us) and then when we make the wrong decision, fine us baby! For we may not do the same mistake again.

Haney manda, MR. Wadudu. On the flipside however, the country looks dashing. So dashing that I was told that last evening’s Battaramulla hiccup was a result of the fools WASHING the roads. The only time I saw people washing the roads was when in Bangkok in 2004. The women would dutifully wash the roads every night. Best part was, they no CHOGM also.