December Babies

Hurray. It’s one of my closest friends birthdays and after having forgotten her birthday-day last year it was a never again situation. This year went quite well but sadly I seemed to have not have her new mobile number, sigh these Indians I tell you.

But yes, happy birthday Anu. So super excited that the little girl is all grown up now *insert patronising tap on the head* and it’s been too long since we saw each other’s pretty faces now. Sigh. Now that I be among the earners, it’s about time I go see her or meet midway in India, where the romance first began with Betty-ness.

One of the friendliest vegetarians I know, *tsk* this kid is super smart and outshone all of us and took off to UK because she be fancy like that. Now she’s done, I think, and she’s doing even fancier things, super duper fancy photographer and of the biggest travellest bugs of friends I know. Damn you go girl! ❤

On this very happy Friday, not only do I wish her the best of birthdays but also the heartiest of wishes for life ahead in discovering places, spaces and herself.

Teehee 😀 (c) Google Images

A short post I know, but I’m off to drink in her name 😉

TGIF babies ❤

P.S. : To Anu. One of my fondest memories while in India was walking and chilling down Rajarajeshwari Nagar. A place I found to be quite different from the rest of the nonsense in Bangalore. It was residential, there were people who were nice and for a critical bitch like me, I’m glad my India-years had a bit of exposure to the little town. Made me “find” newfound appreciation towards the country that I loved nevertheless and most importantly, instilled in me a “nice” (because I cannot find an appropriate word) feeling that I may not have otherwise cultivated.

Plain Tea uhm Ariyasena

Wee. Lunch at the Doll.

Wee. Lunch at the Doll.

It’s blogging Tuesday! Yes, we are blogging about the discovery of plain tea. My discovery of plain tea actually. However, today also coincides with another tea person’s birthday! Our very own fancy tea man, Sudaththa! One of my closest friends, #ForeverZoned and always loved ❤

When Sudaththa first offered me plain tea, Nuwara Eliya ones also (which is supposed to be kickass, lu) I uhm nearly died. And then, and then and then! My office ran out of milk powder for the ten minutes I went in search of tea! haw! And I was desperately in need of tea and I decided to settle for plain tea. And then, and then! I liked it. A lot. I must’ve, I had four cups after! That’s even a lot for me noh.

However, on this day, Children’s Day, the Discovery of Plain Tea Day and most importantly, Sudaththa’s birthday, let me insert a whole load of generic wishes to this little tea guy. Below is a little video compilation of all the pretty pics Umesh’s camera took on Sunday, at the surprise birthday lunch at China Doll. It’s not much of a ‘post-post’ but a little birthday wish in the form of a bloggie.

Have a super Tuesday lovelies and happy birthday Suds 🙂

One for Sarath

God has promised to Believers – men and women – Gardens under which rivers flow, to dwell therein, and beautiful mansions in Gardens of everlasting bliss. But the greatest bliss is the Good Pleasure of God: that is the supreme triumph. 

– Al-Quran 9:72

I did not know him that well no. But from the little time I have known him and graced his brainchild, Coco Veranda, I think I have some legitimate reason to write this.

I am now, an individual filled with sadness. Sadness caused by not being in Sri Lanka and more importantly, sadness caused by perhaps not knowing  better, this individual who is no longer with us.

However, I am most sad about myself. Someone had to no longer be around for me to appreciate them and the consequences I benefited out of their actions. I can only justify this by accounting for being human.

You will forever remain in our hearts, Sarath Sathiamoorthy.

If it weren’t for Sarath and Coco Veranda, I wouldn’t have met some of my closest friends today.

Also as far as my understanding goes, to date, Coco along with China Doll were probably the pioneers in social media marketing in Sri Lanka. History they say, is in the making.

To Sarath, you are in a place better off than most of us. You are away from the suffering of this world. God has a special place for you in Heaven. You will be missed.

May God’s good grace be upon you. Rest in Peace.

Italian at Home

Life is full of little things that make you happy.

This post, like many others is one that is long long overdue. But tonight’s dinner set it right. I am happy, actually made happier – especially after having slept for most of the day – by the mouth-watering delish Italian meal 🙂 Okay she may not call it Italian per se, but still the food was good and I am very happy. Coming to think of it, it’s been a very good day. Unproductive, yes but very good nonetheless.

So my room-mate, Pavani or Pavi (I can’t give a URL coz she’s a Facebookie as opposed to a bloggite or Tweep) is a wonderful ball of a creature. No pun intended. Heehee.

We were roomies last year in hostel and this year moved out together. It’s been a bit of a bumpy ride, part of me thinks so yes, but it’s been a good one nonetheless.

One of the reasons I am not sure about leaving India might be my roomie-relationship. For all you little pervy minds out there, it’s not what you think. Having a room-mate, who is not family or someone you are romantically inclined to, is a different experience all together. I actually wouldn’t know what the latter is like, coz I haven’t really lived together with any man I was romantically inclined to, but I’m pretty sure they are different experiences all together.

You know that moment when you want to write more but you can’t because the feeling is too overwhelming? Yes, that. Much like what happened with this.

Also, yes I know the title isn’t right, but it was at the start of the post and therefore I shall let it be.

But one thing is for sure, India would be a whole lot more unbearable and lot less fun if you weren’t around. Love and hugs.

The Seni Meet Up: Un-boxing; the Nicest Gesture Ever

Sudaththa and Gehan (Pic by Malinthe)

No I couldn’t come up with an original title. Therefore I shamelessly used what was used on uhm that day. My planner says that it was on May 09. Yes, Malinthe’s pictures say the same too. The post has been coming a long time I think, too long that I don’t even remember the intricacies of what should have been ideally contained in this post.

This was one of the nicest gesture’s done by any of my online friends, or friends for that matter. Spearheaded by father of 1.5 Nasir I must thank you sir for that it was very very nice of you. Also, your little Huda is a be

Chief Organiser and his little Huda (Pic by Rothbourne)


The rest who joined the fanfare were Rothbourne, Gehan, Malinthe, Uditha, Sulare, David, Navodya and of course, Sudaththa who I had made with peace with by now 🙂 Big thank you to Coco Veranda, who gave us free food, and the veranda!

These tweeps are nice. I’ve made many friends online and yes, they are the nicest I have met so far. They are also very smart, *looks at Johanna* and gifted and well read and had previous connections with my school 😛 and leave their phone chargers at work and of course, I needn’t say more about David.

Thank you guys. I’m sorry about this being a shoddy post but I had to, had to write about the nicest thing someone’s ever done for me :’)

The Intern Speaks

The past month has been a whirlwind of events. Well sort of. Sure there were times when I didn’t do absolutely anything and there were many times and nights I have spent with people twice my age – don’t get me wrong here, it’s not what you think I can assure you that – but like everything else in my life, I adapted. I enjoyed talking about their mid-life crises and education and correcting the older-adults when they went wrong on topics that I have read more on.

Then there was the internship. We all know what happened to last year’s one 😉 It was a ball of fun and thank Heavens for The Editor – yes Boss I know you are reading – I worked for some 10-15 days of the 30 day internship.

This time around, I got serious. I worked for 26+ days, my internship diary tells me – guess it added up to the few days I took off while Akki was here – and I did learn a few things. Or a lot. I don’t know.

I learnt the importance of language. Thanks to my running off to India and my extensive use of English, my Sinhala is atrocious. This statement is made based on the fact that I have studied in Sinhala for nearly fourteen-and-a-half years of my life. I learnt that at a place where Sinhala and Tamil are the most familiar, English plays the role it was ideally supposed to: it acts as common ground to those who are not well-versed in the other official language. English neither takes over the existence of everything else, nor does not-knowing the language be a moment of shame. My many moments of shame arose when my Sinhala failed me and my non-speaking-Tamil-Muslim-ness came into being.

I also learnt the joys and the downside to a 9-5.30 job. I loved my time at FT. It was good fun and a heap of work, Sunday-Friday. That’s worse than college. However, over here it was fairly chilled out – rather I was fairly chilled out, not that great for an intern I suppose – and I did have time to do things after work and I had a weekend to call my own. I also did find myself switching off after 4.30 pm – fact – and the zombied look I would scare my folks every morning.

Another, uhm “lesson” that came my way was the futility of education. I have been debating on this topic for the past year and thus contemplating on the necessity of reading for a second degree. For starters, we learnt Vegas! Vegas is so old school and not as cool as FCP! Fine, we all don’t have Macs. But there’s more. The past two semesters boasted of two subjects: Audio and Video Editing and Television Appreciation and Film Studies. Besides the types of shots we learnt for both, I didn’t really find myself “applying” whatever nonsense they taught us. I found myself learning – not re-learning or applying but learning from scratch – new things everyday so much so that I felt a burden to all these lovely people here who were only more than willing to help. Especially the tea folks who knew that I loved my mildly-caffeinated beverage 🙂

Realisation: I am not cut out for television. I don’t really know what I am cut out for actually, but I know that television may not be my thing. I found myself coming in the way of so many people and even a little interview with one bloke would require the service of so many others! In this aspect I found print media way cooler with or without the availability of those lazy photographers.

Of the career choices I see ahead of me however, I did realise that I would like something that is internet-related and sitting in one place with a pc sounds good – minus the fat and other job-related pains I would acquire.

I learnt much about concerns that I would have not read about otherwise. I think my previous posts have been impacted greatly by my readings done here. Those who know me will know for sure not to dare speak of politics, law etc with me. I would not only die of boredom but would have one too many blonde moments to handle. Now, not only could I have a half-knowledge-d discussion about the Constitution and its Amendments, I can also speak of the, this party, that party, tea party business. This place has made me way cooler.

An Evening With the (would-be) Oscar Winner

The evening was a result of weeks, or days of planning, postponing (on my end as expected) and all that jazz. The day finally came for my date with the future Oscar nominee and winner.

He was on time, quite contrary to the “Indian Standard Time” and was also, my first “Indian” date. Don’t get me wrong; I am neither what Carrie Bradshaw calls ‘An international party girl’ nor what Samantha Jones labels, ‘Whore with a fucking passport’. Lol. Oh another first with him being younger than me. But then again, he is my “adopted (little) brother” so I guess that counts.

The evening was pleasant. McDonald’s was the easiest as we couldn’t stress ourselves brainstorming for a place and he had lots to tell me about her. Yes, the date was mainly about her and him checking out some hottie in the ground floor and exchanging intricate and disturbing, (if I may add!) details about students in the same university. Though women are titled gossips, believe me, men could only be twice as agonising and interesting.

The burgers followed doughnuts, picking up dinner for my room-mate and observing grown men share dinner, chat over doughnuts and feel each others backs. I do have my comments on the practices of homosexual activity, but I do put my foot down when it is done in the innocence of a doughnut store or cart or stall or whatever.

The occasional meat eating vegetarian also assured me that it was perfectly normal to practice speeches that one would deliver upon winning a title, Oscar or even when asked to be present at the United Nations General Assembly.

The evening came to an end very pleasantly after having visited the local dairy –  Nandini (Lol). The kickass film director slash actor ensured that I got back with time to spare for the horrendous curfew and I in turn ensured that his BB was all he could look at by bringing her in to the picture.

Vikash Tiwari, is indeed, a good date. Ladies, fear not, he’ll look in to only your eyes when you are out with him. I can assure you that 🙂

(Due to inconveniences caused by the present internet connection, hyperlinks and images cannot be added. This would be rectified at the earliest.)

To Mama, With Love

Dear Mama,

This post has been coming a while, however I was in question as to how it must be framed. Thus I thought, what better and easier way than a letter? It’s not one of those reply-me ones, but rhetorical to a great extent.

As I said, this has been a long time coming. I cannot thank you enough for what you have given me and on the same lines, I cannot but cringe at those moments I always cried for more. Among Akki’s and my friends you were always nicknamed the “coolest”. However to Akki and I, you are beyond being merely “cool”.

Looking back at my twenty-one years, of which I remember around fifteen, more or less, I’ve seen a woman who has risen to a height in terms of her family and now her career. We are indeed proud to be your daughters.

I always think to myself especially at those times when I ask you something and you answer, ‘Would I be able to answer all the questions my daughters ask me?’ The most common response blinks in front of me: Google. However, what’s amazing about Mama and her generation is that they never needed Google. Now I wouldn’t even know how to write my research paper without it. I am a core tech-buff, I agree, whole heartedly. However, the picture of me educating my child on puberty with a reader on my palm, headset on my ear and a constant eye on the laptop laying on top of the coffee table in front of me awaiting that very email, [Heaven forbid what other technological developments would be available fifteen years from now] does not seem too appealing.

Mama, you would not believe how truly grateful I am about you not turning Akki and I into book-worm. Even if you attempted so, I sincerely doubt that we would’ve been any good at it. What you did was very commendable and looking back at it, prudent. Our Mama did not cut off our allowances or give us less food or do something that would be considered a “punishment” if we were to horrible at our exams. One of the reasons we did not do all that bad was because, she had faith in us that we would do our best, and indeed we did, attempted to or at least tried not to fail 🙂 Being in University now I am glad I do not have the pressure being haloed over me and as a result of which am able to partake in everything my now-weakening flesh and bones allow me to.

Mama, you taught me how to cook. Rather, I observed and learnt to cook looking at you make all those yummy dishes. Dammit. I want beef.

This letter would be incomplete if I don’t add a realistic touch to it and tell you Mama that you need to work on your patience. Yes you do have patience, I agree, having brought up to unruly monkeys like Akki and I all by yourself. However, you don’t have enough patience to teach me to drive nor teach me to read Arabic. LoL.

With that, I would like to say thank you once again. For bringing us in to this world. For raising us to be responsible children. For teaching us that we don’t need a man to get through in life. For finding yourself a charity-buddy, always-friend-in-need and others’-first, me-last man.

All the best in all you do Mama. We will be there with you every step of the way.


Akki and Nangi