July Favourites

Hello my loves!

Another month where I do not recall as to what happened, when and better yet, how. It seems to be a constant stream of work, which is great, no doubt, but I must say that there have been times if I have actually sat to wonder if it was all worth while after all. #haw

I also began putting this together nearly nine days ago. Time does fly when you have fun.

Musings aside, here are a few of my favourites from July.

Monthly Favourites1. Baby Oil 

Okay, I’ll admit it, I saw this on Niomi Smart’s video with her Mum and Grandmum (also, their genes are simply #goals ) and I did take to religiously dabbing baby oil on my body after – now that sounds a little lol-able also noh, haha – but there is of course a downside to it, at least for us dark(er) skinned folks. Baby oil or any oil on your body results in “hastened hair growth”. Does that even make sense? Basically, your hair just grows faster. lol. This also means that my every-three-and-a-half week waxing appointment has now become every two-and-a-half weeks (ish), but then it’s still too short to wax. Gah. If you are a girl, you’d understand. 😦

2. Koththmalli

Yes, I know. I was also quite ill the past few days / weeks and have been downing koththmalli, even after vodka once. The latter was a terrible decision I must admit. Ended up puking the koththmalli, vodka and lovely dinner. haw.

3. This Article on Medium 

Which inspired me to write this, because all things in life are ephemeral.

4. Meeting New People

I met so many new and lovely people this month of July! I’m linking their Twitter accounts here, here and here, because you should all meet them too. ❤

5. Cheeky Napping Times

I don’t know why I’m calling this a favourite, but it definitely has been something I have “enjoyed” doing given that my night-time sleeping hours are otherwise compromised coz of work, a favourite boy and people who make videos on YouTube. #Priorities #YesInThatOrder

What are your favourites for July?

June Favourites

Hello lovelies!


I have no idea how June swam by so fast because when I opened my planner and Calendar app to see what had happened, all I saw was little dots and many many notes. It’s been crazy, if I hadn’t said that in any of my earlier posts! Haha. But it’s been good exhausting crazy. Maybe too exhausting even for me to have start planning my December vacation!

But June’s been exciting nevertheless and here are a few of my favourites from this month.

Monthly Favourites

1. This Liquid Liner

The Marc Jacobs one in the front. I couldn’t be bothered to take a new pic 😀

I’m not particularly big on makeup. I would like to think that the fascination began post-Youtube. lol. But I do like my eye makeup. Okay not makeup, that’s too big a word for the shitty lazy job I do, but if there is only one part of my face I’d highlight, it’d be the eyes. I’ve traditionally stuck to eyeliner on the lower lid and mascara but this liquid liner is definitely a game changer. The felt tip is a gazillion times easier to manoeuvre around your upper lid compared to the usual brush tip. Gah. So much loves. I also did get more goodies with this package from above and wrote about it in my eighteenth list of thankfuls.

2. The “Calm” App

I spoke about it in my seventeenth week of thankfuls yes and discovered it through this Tanya Burr video. This app for iOS and Android (not too sure about Windows) is a real game changer for those who want to start or continue a solid meditation practice and don’t mind relying on a technology-based tool. There are some who find this to be less authentic etc but each man to his own! Their website is also pretty neat.

3. My New Glasses

Stop right there and hear me out. I got new glasses. They are fabulous and I can see, “so much”. I’ve been wearing glasses for a while now. It first started off a fashion trend – blame it on secondary education and girls’ schools –  and (to an extent) self-induced migraine. As I started growing out of my teenage years, the need started becoming more authentic especially while driving at night or reading things at a distance. The glasses I had before were pretty neat and did do something to my vision, or so I thought until I got my new pair. Holy dragons.



I felt my sight increase in brightness and nearly lost my balance out of exposure. 😀

4. Braids 

Fishtail braid: check!

Fishtail braid: check!

I don’t know which part of the world you live in, but where I live, it’s well, not “Summer” as we know it (for the tropics have what I call an eternal Summer) but it’s dragon-fire burning hot. The heat be so warm that my region be suffering from a heatwave and no one can do nothing about it. 😦 But life must go on and I cannot sit in my air conditioned room regardless of wanting to and work must happen. I don’t always do high buns or pony tails as my hair is a little frizzy and dry. I’ve been French braiding my hair for a while now but sometimes, even for those of us who crave monotony, it could get a little boring yes (especially when one watches as many beauty vloggers and whatnots). I’ve realised over the past month that braiding with straight hair is easier than wavy/curly hair and waterfall, fishtail, dragon-whatever-just-kidding braids become tonnes easier.

Braidachievement: Fishtail braid! #AchievementUnlocked

5. Snapchat



This is an odd favourite I would think so too, yes to talk about a social media app but let’s just say that when my best girl, Dilshani introduced this to me, it was seriously a dafaq moment but now, I am actually lovin’ it.

<cue McDonald’s>

I only hope that I don’t snap(chat) on a crazy Friday night because even if I did, I WOULD NEVER KNOW.

What are your favourites this June?

May Favourites

Hello and it’s time for my monthly favourites! Started compiling this yesterday (May 31) but then one thing led to another and what do you know!

It’s been a crazy month mostly due to work and procrastination but hey, everyday’s a new day to learn eh? 😉 A lot’s been happening and I’ve actually stayed home “a” Friday night and realised that I could get used to it!

Monthly Favourites

1. These Stuff

Yes, I took them while working in bed.

Yes, I took them while working in bed.

I have now officially run out of “goods not from Sri Lanka” and hence switched to local alternatives *smirks* and I’m actually loving it. I’ve loved this foot cream for as long as I can remember (almost a year?) and even have a handbag-addition of the same. I am to write longer review posts of the same elaborating as to why I cannot get enough of it, which I will do soon.

2. The “Notes” App on Mac

Yes, I’m talking about an App I simply love, adore and cherish because it’s been doing all things good to my life. I also (very shamefully) recently discovered it’s ability to sync with iCloud and DO YOU KNOW HOW EASY MY LIFE HAS BEEN SINCE? Sorry I got a little carried away there.

3. Editing Pictures

I mean lol, yes I get the lol too. But I have been head over heels with editing pictures on either my phone or laptop. I’m deliberating if I should get VSCO Cam because yes, I have been spending a good deal of time watching all these YouTube celebrity videos on how they edit their Instagram photos. 😮

4. Wrapping Gifts 

Probably as a follow up to Gifted, I have also been watching, learning and reading up on more gift wrapping tips and tricks!



By now, you may have also realised how much of time and bandwidth has been vested on Instagram.

5. Life, as we know it

It’s clichéd and all that jazz yes, but this month has been so cray that it’s only through posts like and Giving Thanks do I actually get to not only be thankful but also love life and attempt to make the most of it.

What are your favourites this May?

April Favourites

Hello April!

This month has been an extreme of emotions. From the lovely beach times to the Nepal tragedy, while it seems as though the month has been good to me, knowing that a part of the world that means a lot to me is not too sunny right now, makes things uneasy. But it’s the end of the month and in keeping with my self-made promises of keeping to schedules and series’-goals, here are my favourites for the month of April.

Monthly Favourites

1. James Bay

Sheryl warned me this would happen and I seriously cannot get enough of him. Do knock yourself out on his YouTube channel.

2. This Instagram Account 

Found this lovely piece of entertainment through Ellen. Need I say more? 😉

3. Mascara

This mascara.

This mascara.

I have a secret inclination towards eye makeup (probably because it’s the easiest to apply) and I picked out this one from Backstage in Crescat. It’s not designer, but then it does the job and doesn’t smudge! It’s also LKR 700-800 something. Also, that packaging!

4. Fruit Parfaits 

I had one of these babies at Java Lounge a few weeks back, (they sold a granola parfait and added strawberries despite begging them not to, sigh) and decided it was time to make some of my own. Trust me, they are way cheaper than LKR 500! 😀 Also, my lovely friend Nipuni too, took to making em. 🙂

5. Social Media

This may seem either cliché or a dafaq moment but here I am being grateful and loving  social media (and internet) because it while it acts as a harbinger of the Nepal tragedy, it also helped me find out if my friends and their families were doing well. Cheers, Zuckerberg!

What are your favourites this April?

March Favourites

Hello lovelies,

I’ve been wasting my life watching tonnes of YouTube videos – both the comedy types and beauty vlogging types (so much so that I now own a very small number of face makeup items!), and one things most YouTubers do is speak of their monthly favourites. Since, I’m one to catch up on trends (and hopefully set some!) – teehee – starting March I thought of putting together five things I have loved the most give or take by the last week of that particular month or the first week of the following month. (This was handwritten a few days ago, but with the recent turn of events it hasn’t been too convenient with this blogging thing I’m telling you.)

My favourites will vary from beauty products to some tech stuff to random restaurants or even hobbies I may have picked. Happy reading!

Monthly Favourites

  1. Sunglasses

Yes, it is a tropical-living essentials but this is not only a total random favourite but that handbag essential I simply cannot leave home without. Leave my phone behind, fine, I have my laptop but my sunglasses? Oh hell no!

Thanks (c) Google

Thanks (c) Google

I don’t own very fancy sunglasses “yet” and it isn’t something I will be inclined to order online either as I need to see if the frame fits my partially-babath face and there aren’t as many fancy sunglass-stores in Sri Lanka either! #TheStruggleIsReal Also, for those living in the sunny island, despite the torrential evening rains, I still need it as my essential for the sunny madly hot mornings.

  1. Bloglovin’

This favourite is more of a rediscovery for me. I first joined Bloglovin’ in my earlier blogging days and completely forgot about it, until I was very recently encouraged by my new blogging friends on Facebook! Yay. This encouragement also made me realise that I hadn’t changed my username over there and was still Jill-ing around. Haw. But yes, it is also now a favourite reader-app on my phone apart from WP reader (for blogs) and Google Newsstand (for uhm news).

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  1. Super K

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my yoghurt-dinner fascinations. It is not entirely a weight-driven meal but rather an eat-healthy initiative to complement my somewhat less-obscure yoga practice.


Despite making the most of monotony however, I decided to “spice” up my yoghurt-dinners by looking for add-on ingredients. Fruit was a definite and viable option, but I realised that an apple was way too much for a meal.

Dinner turned smoothie

Dinner turned smoothie

While looking for cereal substitutes that were anything but Coco Pops and Frosties (vacation-indulgences) I stumbled upon Super K. I had seen this aeons before but always thought it was something bland and you know flaky. On the contrary, this baby is actually pretty sweet, literally. While it is not the direct substitute, it can be used instead of Muesli. (I still haven’t allowed myself to buy a box for LKR 900, though breakfast bars for LKR 600 seem okay to me. Yes, the logic fails me as well.) It’s the Indian variety of Kellogg but hey, it makes my yoghurt a pretty neat meal.

  1. My staple gold flats / slip-ons

I picked these out from Cool Planet for less than LKR 1000! (it was cheaper than Muesli, teehee) The purchase was driven by the nature of my work, which isn’t too formal and the need to wear something overly comfortable and multi-purpose.

  1. This mix

I listen to this at least five times a week. So so so so very good. I’ve been also listening to more EDM than usual. Apparently, it makes a good yoga playlist! 🙂

What are your March favourites?