On (More) Travels

One of those days. I had a very short (work) travel stint the past two days and am trying to settle back to normalcy. The more I travel (even on work) the more I seem to understand why most may like to do so. To me, the most blatant of explanations is that those who … Continue reading On (More) Travels


Running Away from Reality

But then what is reality, if not what we define ourselves? Reality and normalcy are the world as we know it. It is not within our control, which is why seek a world outside it. *** Hi there! So I was to write this over the weekend, but that never materialised. So what else is … Continue reading Running Away from Reality

On Missing India

So I'm sipping on some tea and got myself some watermelon for lunch and sigh, I missed India. I use my favourite pink bowl as well, the very one I did use while I lived there. The only difference to the image I tried to replicate was that Watermelon Sundays (or lazy days) would accompany … Continue reading On Missing India


(No) Blast from the Past

So, I went to India. YAY. I know right. Except, there wasn't much YAY there. Well, for starters, I went for work and to Delhi slash later to Madhya Pradesh so I suppose the 'lack of Bangalore' may have resulted in feelings of 'non-familiarity'. Hmm. I dunno. Or I might be overly hormonal today. The … Continue reading (No) Blast from the Past


On Happiness that Once Was

This post might come in as a little personal. I’m sorry if it becomes too feminine slash sentimental slash different to what I usually write buuuuut, I dared myself to post it maybe because it would also serve as reassurance to myself. Over the past few days and weeks even, coming to think of it, … Continue reading On Happiness that Once Was


Let’s Go Back to India

I couldn't title this as soon as I started writing and that's weird. I usually think­ of the title before I start writing and clearly that didn't happen this time around. Haw. I also started using WriteMonkey. Neat piece of meat this is. So last night, I missed India. Okay, I've been missing India for … Continue reading Let’s Go Back to India


#5 India Posting: One for the Teachers

“Eliminate the impossible, and whatever remains, however improbable, is the truth.” -          Luka and the Fire of Life – Salman Rushdie Sickness brings out the worst in you. Okay I take that back. A lot of things bring out the worst in you. But sickness, physical ailment makes you think of things once impossible. The … Continue reading #5 India Posting: One for the Teachers


I never reblog as I have issues with maintaining an original – I think – but this post, is everything most of us want to say – Jillinthebox90

Thought Catalog

A very dependable feature of people who live abroad is finding them huddled together in bars and restaurants, talking not just about their homelands, but about the experience of leaving. And strangely enough, these groups of ex-pats aren’t necessarily all from the same home countries, often the mere experience of trading lands and cultures is enough to link them together and build the foundations of a friendship. I knew a decent amount of ex pats — of varying lengths of stay — back in America, and it’s reassuring to see that here in Europe, the “foreigner” bars are just as prevalent and filled with the same warm, nostalgic chatter.

But one thing that undoubtedly exists between all of us, something that lingers unspoken at all of our gatherings, is fear. There is a palpable fear to living in a new country, and though it is more acute in the first…

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