But how do we move on?

It's probably a little late in the day and I know, we should move on with the topic already but as a rule of thumb I try to give myself about a twenty-four hour period to really let things sink in and see if I am ready to move on or continue talking about it. … Continue reading But how do we move on?


27 Ways to Make 2018 Great

To Bhagya - who reflects along with me, even from a distance. This was supposed to come in as a birthday post but that didn’t happen. New Year’s resolutions aren’t really my thing but most of 2017 has been spent a lot with a good deal of self reflection that has obviously resulted in the … Continue reading 27 Ways to Make 2018 Great

It’s the Letters that Make Us Who We Are

Because suddenly, the letters were no longer adequate, I had to add something more. This could range from a fridge magnet (with of course the padded envelopes then) or to even confetti. I still do the confetti because even as annoying as it is to clean up afterwards, the sheer joy of having little pieces of shiny paper fall on as you unfold the letter is everything magical.

New, Happy Things

No before one would jump into any conclusions after reading the title: No, I did not find "new" love - quite happy with the existing one and will be for cheesy long time; I neither found a new job, I still have the supposedly luxurious lifestyle, which again I will have for a while (I … Continue reading New, Happy Things