Bella’s Bananas

First of all,

I just had to, you know. (c) Google Images

I just had to, you know. (c) Google Images

I’m sure the lovely Bella, wouldn’t mind, no.

I don't know what's up with all the babies. (c) Google Images

I don’t know what’s up with all the babies. (c) Google Images

But jokes aside, let’s start off with this disclaimer:

I, seniinthebox, do not like sweets. [this makes me a cold person, or so I’m discreetly told through various social networks – don’t sweat now, I love you anyway #SeniLoving ] this also means that i don’t like desserts. But jokes aside, I love bananas. i’m neither lying nor is my perverted mind coming into play here.

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Now that we’ve justified the post and its title, let’s move to why I cannot get enough of Bella’s Bananas.

So who is Bella?

If you live in Colombo, Sri Lanka, have an instagram account and do not know her, I don’t even know why we are friends or why you are my reader.

(c) Google Images

(c) Google Images

Bella, as she known on her Instagram account, is a home baker who has seriously taking this dessert business to a whole new level, here in Sri Lanka. I wouldn’t put screenshots of her page here, because I honestly do not know to start.

Also please note that bella is neither paying me to write this nor am I CRUSHING ON HER as social media may have it. i will admit however to being a fan girl, purely because of her dedication to the art she creates.

Now, I’ve been buying Bella’s bakes for a few months now. I think I started off with a cake for this gentleman’s birthday and it’s been constant visits to her apartment ever since because, dessert jars make excellent gifts and turns out a majority of people have a sweet tooth. She is also an extremely sensible (yes, this I’ve learnt is important in people) and creative person and tries out combinations you would’ve only otherwise dreamt of!

And trust me, you would’ve never thought that all that could go inside one jar. 


Until this Monday June 15, 2015 Bella’s bakes have been all about gifts and yumminess for others and then she did the unthinkable and I knew it would be love at first sight.

I started off with two jars, the small ones and despite telling her that I will be back for ten big jars, I might stick to the small ones because my cold soul cannot take a large jar full of sweet food and the little ones are just the right size.

(c) Google Images

It’s all about the size, eh 😉 (c) Google Images

See, because I’m neither a foodie nor a food-writer, I cannot explain how sensuous the entire experience was, but I remember closing my eyes at one point and unless I’m really wasted or tired, that usually doesn’t happen wide awake (boring meetings fall under “tired”).

But this dessert is just perfection. Of course, you need to be bananas over bananas, if not you’ll probably lose the plot, but she uses a cream topping that is not sweet, which means that you have your moment of orgasmic bliss but just the right amount to not bounce off your chair or countertop and run down the street, naked. It doesn’t give you a great sugar rush but gives you a very stoner-perfected-state-of-being.

FYI, I do not get stoned, solely because I don’t like weed or hash or whatever. I also saved the image below as “pot baby”. 


Yes, I found this on (c) Google Images

Yes, I found this on (c) Google Images

Honestly, Melissa or Bella, is all about making a successful venture out of what once was a mere hobby for baking at home. I can so totally picture this hottie having her own little bakes shop, hosting a series of baking-workshops / short courses and even maybe opening up her own franchise, because that’s how cool she and what she does, are.

So there you have it folks. If I haven’t given you enough reason to go have some of Bella’s bakes, you are just an asshole and I’m a very a non-convincing writer who has not made effective use of baby images.

Product Review: Seri Toner with Green Tea and Mint

Hello beautiful people!

I did tell you that interesting things were coming board and I wasn’t lying! I’ve been wasting my life watching a lot of Youtube, and something good must come out of it, yes? and have also been reading their blogs, product reviews and that’s when it hit me, we hardly review our local products! 😦 In all honesty, there are reasons why this is not done but when you truly find something you like, I don’t see any harm in letting the world know about it! In time, I will also put up a little post on my face products I’ve been loving for the past few months, but till then, let’s get on with this baby.

Disclaimer: I am not being paid to write this. The post is a result of genuine appreciation and well, it’s served me well so far and deserves to be praised. Also, if you are not a girl, I strongly suggest you read this post and keep yourself entertained.

IMG_4377Brand Name: Seri

Product Name: Toner with Green Tea and Mint

Price: LKR 280

Volume: 100 ml

So, I’ve been using toners for a few years now, just after cleansing and just before moisturising. I’ve used a few types of toners but a majority of them fall into two categories: extremely mild, to the extent of not feeling it’s effect on your skin (equivalent to washing your face with water) to extremely strong, where is burns your skin, in a not-very-nice way.

Striking a perfect balance between the both of these is the toner from Seri. I hadn’t used any green tea and mint combos before and I was skeptical when I first got it. As I do have an innate dislike towards applying food flavours on my skin, this wasn’t really easy. However, on my second bottle now, I can tell you that I am loving it.

It lasts as long as any other normal toner would do, approximately about two months ish and is a completely worthy purchase. The green tea fragrance is surprisingly good and the mint has a nice cooling effect on your face. It would be brilliant if these guys can make a spray-toner out of this. It takes a few seconds to absorb once you’ve cotton ball-ed your face (lol. that is a very funny expression I’ve realised) and then you are ready to moisturise followed by makeup or just go on with your day wearing that au naturale look.

I am the type who usually sticks to a product she likes and I think I might stick to this one, at least for a while longer because it’s preeeetty affordable, given that some of us spend excessively on cleansers and moisturisers and it’s usage is fairly decent.

Let me know what you think if you’ve tried this baby out.

Reviewed: The Phantom of the Opera

Since there was so much buzz about this in “town”, I thought I might as well join in the drama <highfive yourself if you saw what I did there> with this Phantom menace. I went to see the show on October 06, 2014. Please do adequate Google and Daily Mirror searches to see a cast-list of who’s who. I do remember it from the top of my head but I’m being nice here.

Also, it dawned on me that my play / concert reviews are all running on the same lines, read: negative. Tsk. I suppose “negative reviews” work better on a production or even a movie. I mean everyone still remembers Rebecca Black or even that Ex-Alien chick. Thumbs up guys.

So, until the 06th, I had only “heard” and read abridged versions of The Phantom of the Opera. I hadn’t read the full manuscript, yes a shame for an English graduate but whatever. But based on my abridged readings, my first comment on the actual play itself was that I understood the entire shindig. Kudos on that.

But this post is all about what I didn’t like yes?

(c) Shamelessly stolen off Google.

Let’s start from the set. I am a vain individual that judges books by its covers. Given that, the “cover” I saw, for an elaborate production costing hundred thousands of rupees generously sponsored by a local enterprise that has abso-bloody-lutely no relation to theatre whatsoever, was pathetic. Oh don’t get me wrong, it was elaborate. Too elaborate to the extent of being gaudy. Again, I have neither seen the Broadway production, nor any other version of this, but the set could’ve cleaned up better. It was assembled and there was a set unlike the time where Jesus was born again, but it wasn’t neat and being marginally OCD, this actually matters. The same could be said of the costumes as well.

Another thing “N.B.” I had in mind before going for Phantom was that the country (or even the region) could not pull of musicals. Yes, before you throw tomatoes at me, I am aware that I cannot sing. HAHA. But this assumption was based Jesus Christ Superstar that had too many starstruck singers that didn’t come together as a “team” and a production I did in University with a very South Indian-accented Jesus.

I hope God forgives us for the sins we commit in the name of entertainment.

Back to my review, as a theatre enthusiast and someone who likes working for production in anything but the capacity of acting, I believe that the selling points for ANY production lies in either a great set or great acting. If both happens together, I cannot see greatness beyond that, but either of the two needs to take place.

But the problem with Phantom was that, it didn’t. Neither the set nor the acting was great. I was told that I should’ve gone on another day, but nangi please.

Now, why dear Lord am I obsessing with the set? Because they could’ve done so much more with it! The costumes as well! I speak of end slash finished products where it looks clean, neat, classy and something that was already in place and wasn’t assembled just for the production.

For Heaven’s sake, I speak of the Coleridge-an notion of “Willing suspension of disbelief” when I watch a play or a movie and I wasn’t transported to that imaginary slash make-believe realm the actors should’ve taken me into. Nor were the set-builders skilful enough to have made me want to request for a separate box during the meta-performances.

Since the Adamaly adaptation of The 39 Steps last May, nothing has escaped my mind but the sheer brilliance in which everything came together. (I seem to have written about it in the Jesus Christ Superstar review as well) To this date, the image of the stage (despite not having a very photographic memory!) makes me very proud of what Sri Lankan theatre has the potential to be. This particular paragraph also led to some serious stalking that I am not proud of. Teehee.

Since I’m more bias on the Production side of things as opposed to the Direction side of things, given that I don’t act, my “analysis” of the acting would be very brief. It was, okay. Not mediocre, there was definitely effort put into it and no adoption of false accents either, which was good. The singing was a little screechy though at times, or maybe that is what Opera is supposed to be, I do not know.

On other matters, we were told to expect fancy lights that would send those epileptic running out of the theatre. In hindsight, I’m glad that didn’t happen. Lol. But it wasn’t as “loud” as anyone expected. The sound I am told were all scores written from scratch, if this is true, damn son. Well done. Except for the chappie handling the sounds from the balcony, please get a room as the bright lights are annoying in a dark room.

But, eh, meh. Given that this was the first amateur performance in the continent, the theatre enthusiast in expected much more.

  • Acting : 6
  • Singing: 6.8
  • Costumes : 5.1
  • Set and Props : 4
  • Theatrical Devices : 6.2
  • Sound and Lights : 8
  • The Barthean Quantification of Quality (or overall rating on 10): 6.2

The Story about Distractions

An interesting article popped up my LinkedIn feed, one of those ‘recommended’ slash homepage right-on-top ones. Funnily enough, this one was on Distractions.

So if there is something anyone wants to know about distractions, come to momma, you have come to the right place. I know all about these distractions. Why, you may ask? Because (chee, I started a sentence with ‘because!’) I work from home and I know how fast I get distracted. No, I don’t say that I’m not productive, heck I have employers and clients who might be reading this now *big smile* but, distractions are not necessarily a good thing noh.

Fine, I am not completely negating this said article. In fact there are a few things I do agree upon, so as to not wanting to sound hypocritical. However, on the flipside, distractions are difficult to deal with IRL! The author chappie, Ilya Pozin (He is the “CEO of Open Me”. the title says *snigger*) lists four primary reasons on why distractions are good. Let me do a quick paraphrase and as to why I do not completely agree after:

  • It makes you a better leader

The keyword here is communication and networking. Okay that makes two words but still, being accessible via email and all other forms of media etc does not necessarily make you a ‘better leader’ imho. There is much more than ‘networking’ that makes a good leader and one of which is productivity and discipline. As a leader, if you are not willing to discipline yourself into replying your mail at a designated time (debatable if you say work in media or similar environments?) and have a plan mapped out for meetings etc, don’t be surprised if you find more of your co-workers doing regular ‘chatting by the water cooler’ sessions in the name of networking. Being a leader is about setting an example. As partial disciplinarian I believe that unless the leader becomes a trendsetter in ‘enforcing’ slash nurturing a culture that revolves around discipline, productivity and complemented by of course networking and communications, the workforce not have their happily-ever-after.

  • You are more creative

So in a ‘nutshell’ this brings to you the naked “Eureka” moments and the stroll in the ‘park’ (where in SL that happens I have no idea) where you wind up with a truckload of ideas. I completely agree. As a writer and before that (or from the time I could write!), I was always accustomed to carrying a notebook with me. Now I have my phone, laptop etc yes, but still there is at least one jotting-down notebook apart from the rest of the ‘work’ notebooks I have in my bag. Most of my ‘creativity’ comes to me while of course in the shower, in traffic, while cooking or even while doing yoga. Or in other words, when I am not really in a position to write! Sigh. I need to get myself a new phone with one of those assistants me thinks.

So with distractions and creativity. I think my problem lies here with him entitling these ‘distractions’. Some of these are actually daily requirements, such as a shower! Even for those of us who work from home 😀 As for the walk in the park well, eh, meh. Also, while our author chappie goes on an extensive psychological rant even quoting the likes of good old pervert Dr Freud, I must also add with my little knowledge on the subject that people’s brains function different. I mean we are all smart (or that is what I keep telling myself). Thus, we all have different levels of creativity and are susceptible to our respective ‘Eurekas’ in different settings. Some might even have one of those moments, fully-clothed at a board meeting or at their desk at a BPO.

  • It leads to problem solving 

What problems my distractions have solved for me, well, they’ve just kept me distracted and made sure that my workload piled up even more.

It makes slight references (from what I understood) to the previous point as well and even goes on to say that “vaguely distracting settings like a coffee shop… is just enough distraction to keep you on your toes and keep your brain working.” Well, I agree. As a writer, I have sought different places of comfort and free WiFi to write. However, that is not necessarily to ‘solve problems’ unless making my way down the day’s to-do list can be considered thus, but is more on the lines of working at a different setting. I usually sit at my desk for most part of the day and seek distractions by making tea / coffee, walking around the house, talking to myself, going on YouTube / Twitter / eBay! or even doing laundry. So when I go ‘out of my house’ or comfort zone, I am no longer in my pyjamas and to an extent am disciplined and thus manage to finish a bit of work or ‘solve problems’ until some cute boy walks in. Nah, that rarely happens. However, while a different ‘setting’ leads to more productivity, again I wouldn’t call it a distraction per se. A similar example would be how a child/baby’s room setting is changed every few months so the child gets accustomed to new things / perspectives etc. I think it works on similar lines here also noh.

  • It helps you prioritise 

Uh. Uh.


I write a to-do list almost everyday and going on YouTube or Facebook-stalking someone is usually not in this list. I suppose what the author tries to say here (and maybe he did, though it didn’t ‘speak’ to me) is that as a result of there being distractions, you become acutely aware of this ‘enemy’ and try to fight your way down your daily list, before you allow yourself to be consumed by the World Wide Web?

Hmm. Overall, this chappie should’ve re-titled his article. I mean, try selling that to a head of some company (not those who ‘Open Me’ of course. HAHA) and I’m not sure it would work noh. He should’ve perhaps brought in more angles of productivity and capitalised on that as opposed to have in a “Why Distractions Are Actually Good” in-your-face-thing.

Eh. Subtle nuances gone. Out the window.


He did make me read the article AND write a post about it. Joke is on me putha.

P.S. – What feedback on the theme? 😀

Hot Cakes!

Woots. So it’s my birthday. WAS my birthday. But it’s the week following my birthday, so I guess it’s still my birthday and I am allowed to be a brat about it. Lalaalallala. No, I don’t want to hear you out. Tsk.

So Mandela died. I’m sorry Sir, you were great and all but when you live at GMT +5.30 and most of the tweet-as-it-happens news stations decide to rub it in your face, you feel guilty about having a particular song on loop (see below!).

Having said my RIPs and all, being the nice person I am I decided to treat the work people to cupcakes. Okay, this was decided before Mr M decided to kick the bucket.

Woots! Eggless cupcakes that hardly misses an egg :D (I stole a pic from Auntie Maureen's page)

Woots! Eggless cupcakes that hardly misses an egg!
(I stole a pic from Auntie Maureen’s page)

Since, (brace myself) November I decided to run to Auntie Maureen not because I knew Auntie Maureen’s daughter (or rather my sister!), but mainly coz I found an early Christmas spark on their page. You know, that Christmas spark, twinkle in the eye, glint in the corner of the frame sort of thing. There was so much life, warmth and love in those deliciously too-pretty-to-eat goodies.

Now, let’s come to the food itself. So, I’m a self-proclaimed non-foodie. But I did have one of these babies. They were eggless also! I’m a nice person who takes in consideration the problems of vegetarians and vegans. Om.

  • First, the were pretty. Four big trays filled with deliciously iced cupcakes.
  • Second, they were pretty filling! I’ve been hogging like there is no tomorrow (read: four kilos!) and whoa, even I couldn’t have more than one. But that didn’t stop the workforce from downing two or three as they pints of beer or something. Buhaha.
  • Third, the icing lady (Akki’s friend!) came to collect the trays from my workplace toooooo.
  • So many wins!

The ladies behind Auntie Maureen (Auntie Maureen and her daughter and soon the grand daughter too, me thinks!) are one of those fine Victorian specimens with a twenty-first century twist: they cook, bake, knit, stitch, are very artsy craftsy, have pretty daughters and work, like full-time! #Superwomen

If the pic isn’t tempting enough order and gobble yourself. They even have fancy Christmas hampers and stuff. According to my sister, the milk toffees are unstoppable. You wouldn’t even realise how many you’ve downed until the tin is over. Slurp.

Reviewed: Why Jesus Christ was No Superstar

With all due respect to Christians, I had to use that as the title. After my religion, I perhaps know the most about Christianity after my Methodist schooling and Orthodox Catholic college life. Lols. However, this has nothing to do with religion, but a mere account of the recently concluded Jesus Christ Superstar (JCS), which was in one word: (a) fail.

Hats off for the singing, but did we even doubt that for a moment? The musical featured a star cast and magnificent voices so undoubtedly, no one was going to complain about the singing. Some parts did get a little pitchy. But I went on a Friday, which was towards the end of the series and perhaps throats were strained and voices not so brilliant. But then again I can’t sing to save my life, so I’m not one to complain.

But besides the singing, what did the production have? Kudos on the costumes, I was especially impressed with the Chicago effect and sheer decadence with the coloured wigs and fabulous legs, and of course when Jesus emerged the born again Elvis. But besides that, the costumes did justice to the period the play was set in, I think so no complaints. I was involved in only one Passion play, and therefore I may not have the authority to hate-talk the entire thing out, but as a theatre-enthusiast I must. Buhaha.

Stainless steel?! Dood. Not cool. The last supper scene could’ve been done with much much MUCH more than that. I don’t even think the silver was applicable at that time. I remember my Director insisting on clay pots and goblets. Maybe it would’ve been messy, but I saw the silver (it had the typical non-majestic-Jerusalem-effect as well) and my heart hurt. It honestly did. I never even knew I had one.

AND THE SET?! Okay, I lied about the last line in the earlier paragraph. My heart BROKE when I saw the set. Yes, there was a lot of movement etc but seriously, that is what they give us? I have not even YouTubed for the original JCS in Broadway or Andrew Lloyd Webber Style, but what was that?! And DO not give me the we-cannot-do-much with Lionel Wendt jazz. One of the first plays I watched post-India was 39 Steps and MY MIND WAS BLOWN AWAY. I couldn’t blog soon enough about that, and regret deeply but that was just amazing: SETS, ACTING, COSTUMES, THEATRICAL CUES and best of all, they had actually carefully exploited the proscenium and it was such a joy to see such an attempt, successful. JCS should’ve done MORE, MORE, MORE with the set. I mean, I liked the backstage-tail-coat-men who would synchronously walk in and lock the ladders but that’s where it ended. I dunno. It reminded me of the time when the Shakespeare Drama Comp (somewhere between 2005-2008 where it was held at BMICH) and Ladies College did a partial-musical performance of The Tempest. The voices were pretty good, especially Miranda’s and Ariel’s But they were not even in runner up, because there wasn’t much acting there. Just all bling, fabulous sets and brilliant voices. JCS worked on the same lines, except that this time around, the brilliant voices were not enough. For me, that is.

  • Acting : 4
  • Singing: 7.8
  • Costumes : 7.5
  • Set and Props : 2
  • Theatrical Devices : 3
  • Sound and Lights : 7
  • The Barthean Quantification of Quality (or overall rating on 10):  4.6

Reviewed: Carlton Super 7’s 2013 – Launch Concert

Win. It’s a little overdue, I know. That seems to be the case with most of my planned pieces. Tsk. >insert | #ThatAwkwardMoment when you pretend to address a massive-ass readership | tweet< 🙂

So, in the middle of fasting I go for this concert thingy (Yes, judge me). Sister was all hyped up and I went along for company and sisterhoodness. We were in the silver band deal, which meant 3.5k off the first pay. Pain. I didn’t shop because I, a) Was a little broke already b) Forgot about the concert until the day before. Shame. But turned out that my reused top fit in well with the supposed dress code.

So the concert was on July 12, 2013 at CR&FC. Big Reeno (I hadn’t heard of his songs before tbh), Sean Kingston and Taio Cruz found their way to Sri Lanka. I was fasting, so had to break fast with not-so-great-vadas *sigh* and then fabulous food at Taprobane (review, on the way) and tuki-d to CR with Akki.

For starters, there should’ve been a billboard or some LED based thing-a-majig put up at the entrance to Mallalsekara Mawatha stating the different gates for the respective bands. We got off at the 5k / 1k gate, walked up, and then back to where we first were. Thankfully Akki was in good spirits so yay. We weren’t sure if the concert had started as the tickets said ‘Gates open at 7 pm’. There wasn’t live updating of sorts by the organisers, Cantaloupe Playground on Twitter or Facebook so it did make things a little messy.

We were there by 08 pm and turned out that it hadn’t started. Big win. There was a body check and things became more airport-ee when they confiscated, nearly-confiscated, our perfumes. For reals!? I knew we weren’t allowed bottles of water inside, it was stated in the ticket. But, Akki didn’t mention anything about the perfumes. She had read thoroughly it from the sound of it and would’ve mentioned something of that sort, if perfume wasn’t allowed. However, I think the security lady saw our surprised faces and after showing the bottles they had withheld, said, “බෑග් එකේ දලා, ඉක්මනට අතුලට යන්න” or something to that effect. Big win, again.

So we go in trotting through a long-tedious-dansal-like-queue and find our section. The 10k place honestly looked better on the Facebook pictures but hey, cameras and instagram do wonders noh. So first thing I do is try to get hold of a bottle of water. For those who know me, I always have a bottle of water with me since my little mishap. There weren’t stalls in our area so I go under one of those bamboo-cordoning-off thingies to get to a stall. Turned out they didn’t sell water. Haw. Fuck me. So I trot back to my entry point and there is a security guy / police fellow who begins a full-spree of verbal abuses. I wanted to tell him to chill and have some tea but he didn’t seem up for it. Fucker. I was all chill-fied though, told Akki that I’ll get back to our section soon ish. Apparently, she’d heard this man go on about not letting me back in (because I ‘illegally got to the other side’) in a flash of not-so-cool Sinhala words), guess he really needed that tea. So, I find the nearest exit (continuing our imagery of the airport and related airplanes) and there I meet the folks. I wasn’t expecting these guys to be helpful coz of the very inhospitable experiences we’ve faced buying tickets and deals at their offices in Odel and Thimbirigassaya. But after explaining to them my situation, I don’t know if it was the innocent looking face of mine which would have been a little jaded by amusement (by the police guy incident), complacency (tsk), confusion and exhaustion (Friday night, long week at work). Turned out that one of the guys took pity on me *grins* and told me not to worry that he’ll sort it out. We walked back to the other end of the ground, I call and tell my sister that everything is good and stay where I last saw her. He speaks to a more lenient security fellow and tells me that he didn’t want me walking alone all the way back to our gate (turned out the nearest exit lead to the road and from there I had to find my way back to our gate). Nice chap, I’d say. Very gentleman-like and threw a whole new light on the guys at 🙂

It’s turning out to be a long-ish review so let’s do one of those, I-don’t-like-it-but-people-buy-it bullet form deals.

  • Big Reeno went on and on and on and on and ON about him being from America. Seriously man? We were both colonised, you maybe more than us so shut the fuck up. Sheesh. Also, you are black and we are brown: in the white man’s world, neither of us is given more prominence.
  • It wasn’t well planned. The first act started at 9pm with America-is-the-shit Reeno man, followed by Sean Kingston and then Taio Cruz. I mean, it was Friday and I’m used to staying out late, but do tell us if it is going on till 12 am.
  • The ARTISTS WERE LIP SYNCING. Big Reeno didn’t, I think not, kudos on that nigger *tsk* but the others?! They were lip synching at least 89.8% of the time.
  • The gate / bamboo pole broke and suddenly we were amongst the 5k people. It was all cool until the rest of the folks joined us. It was a mad-weed-cock-fest afterwards.
  • A bottle of 500 ml water and 300 ml coke came to LKR 600 bucks, it’s cool paying so much at such an event where no one else is selling water I guess, but there were a lot of drunk people as well. Weird, rich people, I’d say.
  • That’s all I can think of for now. The night became worse when our 2588588 guy got all cocky on us but that’s not the concert’s fault.

i.e. – In conclusion, there are a few things I would like to say:

  • Thank you, Cantaloupe Playground for bringing these guys down. I mean, SL has very few international gigs so good job on organising this. It would be great if more people could take such initiatives in future.
  • The negative-ish review was greatly influenced by the mediocre performances by the artists, you guys are not responsible and sorry if my supposed attack sounded that way.
  •, I am impressed once more by the act of kindness 🙂

Now for the ratings:

  • Organisation: 6.5
  • Information provided: 4.5
  • Entertainment value: 3.4
  • The Barthean Quantification of Quality (or overall rating on 10): 4.2

Attaching a YouTube video coz my pictures were very blurry. Have a good (long) weekend!

Reviewed: Sherlock Holmes Secret Life

Review time! Yes I have work tomorrow, the full-time kind; yes, I have more pressing matters; yes, I already blogged a few hours ago; but if I didn’t write this now, I know I will never get around to doing this.

So this evening – last evening technically given that it is already twenty-two minutes after twelve am, lols – my sister and I went to watch Sherlock Holmes Secret Life by Ed Lange a presentation by Silent Hands Creative Circle.

I’m a huge patron, believer and (I like to think) practitioner (that word took a whole load of guesses and a dictionary consultation) of the Arts with theatre being an all time priority and favourite. I don’t ‘practice’ theatre in terms of acting, but I do enjoy anything that goes behind the stage from costumes, to props, to sets, to logistical requirements such as tea or anything else I can do within my capacity. Naturally, I would enjoy a good play.

Except that I didn’t. Eek. I was quite let down to be honest. My last play was Mohamed Adamaly’s adaptation of 39 Steps. I didn’t think much of the plot construction for some reason, it was a little out of context for a local audience, I felt, but was utterly taken up by the sets, theatrics and utilisation of the stage. A review on that is due too. So having watched that play last, and coming and watching this, I was naturally disappointed.

To start with, I don’t know why Silent Hands did Sherlock. I don’t know where the ‘Creative Circle’ part came from either. The Silent Hands I know gave me comedy. From Boeing Boeing to Move Over Mrs Markham to I don’t remember the rest, the cast sent the rows of audience in to fits of laughter. With Sherlock no, I was not expecting to laugh but, the refined British humour and wittiness I would associate Sherlock, Watson and Wodehouse with, was lost on me. Instead I was left with jokes I could only classify as lame. A few nuances were swell though, especially that line from one of Lady Macbeth’s soliloquies. I also thought that one of Watson Snr’s soliloquies was quite brilliantly delivered too. The content in it was sold well, and the topic (on life, youth etc if I remember correct) and tone were sombre and nostalgic. However, besides that the play didn’t quite come together for me. Especially the murder scene. I think we should stick to the good old Aristotelian model of not showing murder on stage. Seriously. It was as bad as Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez embracing in air in Fast and Furious VI. 

I don’t see myself going for another Silent Hands production, unless it’s a comedy. To me, that is their forte and while it’s all good to experiment with genres, being a master of one will always leave you a happier audience.

Given that it is a review, I thought I’ll rate it on the following criteria I usually observe when I do go for a performance. All ratings are on 10. The overall is not an accurately calculated average but a mood metre sort of measure.

  • Acting : 6.5
  • Costumes : 7.5
  • Set and Props : 8 – especially Sherlock’s little hideout
  • Theatrical Devices : 5
  • Sound and Lights : 7
  • The Barthean Quantification of Quality (or overall rating on 10):  5.85