Being Away

I couldn’t think of a better title but it had to start with “being” so poo. I have issues like that.

So it’s my final year in India. Frankly, I don’t know what to make of that. I am glad to go home yes but at the same time, there is that sense of uhm nostalgia would be the wrong word, but I don’t know, some people like Ruzla might understand me better at this point.

It’s like, I’ve gotten used to this place yeah. I adapt fast I’ve heard – many a time – but still that does not mean that I necessarily enjoy the process of adapting. In fact I quite detest adapting. I make it look swell so others around me wouldn’t feel sorry for me – sympathy doesn’t work too well with me ‘m afraid. Bit of a bitch for that – and also hoping my family wouldn’t miss me too much either. However, in the case of settling back home, uhm, the latter does not apply I agree but the sentiments are a leetle different and, oh well.

Sometimes, even for those of us who claim to be writers, phrasing a sentence, at times, can be the most tedious task of all time.

2 thoughts on “Being Away

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