Being a Woman

To all the beautiful women in my life.

A much debated topic, there is a lot of things that I can write about. I am quite smitten now so the page may be bias and influenced by all these fuzz songs on 8tracks. However, I’ll try to watch myself here 🙂

For me, being a woman is very important, not because I am one – no I don’t consider myself a girl at this age! – but mainly because of the overarching influence of the women in my life. I was brought up mainly by my Mother for a very long time and when I was older, the little group expanded yes, but as a kid and even still my Mama will always be my role model and of course, the bearer of the sexy genes.

I have a few very good girlfriends and fewer very good friends who are boys – coz boyfriends sounds less appealing to society. The best part is that all these women have their own story to tell. They vary in size, shape, beauty and brains. In my opinion they will all gel well, maybe at my wedding. Lols. But that is what is best about them. I love all of my best girls to bits because their crazy bitches and well, troubled – in both good and bad ways! – like me.

In my twenty-something years of existence I’ve learnt a few things about women. Rather, about being a woman. First, the Victorian woman who knows all art and who is graceful is still appreciated. The non-lady types who break the so-called norm too are accepted, but the best results, with men and other important things in life come to those who conform to the stereotype. Face it, most of us, if not all, conform to the archetypal woman at some point in life. Some ladies out there may disagree, but I’ve seen it happen.

While some women are not ready to accept you unburdening of  troubles,  most are. However, what happens with girls like us who are ready to make you feel better by listening to you day in day out is that, most men out there – incoming sweeping generalisation! – tend to try our patience and well, take advantage. We are ready to go out with you, marry you and bear your children or bear your children and then marry you but still baby, that does not mean that you fucking abuse us in the process. Women hurt too, in case you forgot. We are very overt about it too. Clearly, if we are not crying for you to see, we are sobbing from within. We do become weaker when we see you leave us for another woman, have her kids and not ours. We are fragile little glass unicorns at the end of the day.

Women are life givers they say. We are not asking you to worship the ground we walk on – that can be done occasionally or during foreplay when we are role-playing – but, all we ask for is a bit of respect. A tad bit wouldn’t hurt. We understand you and what you are going through, we try to at least. We are not asking you to do the same, it might be a little too much to ask for, but try a little compassion, lest if kindness doesn’t work for you that is.

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