December Diaries: Mock Run

Oh hello December!

Or almost December. I woke up early today. Like 0630h early. With the help of an alarm of course (after sleeping at 0200h #impressive). When I used to go to school, my dad would do one of these days before the day term started and call it “mock run”. Of course, my eight-year old self translated this to “mockraan” that only made sense later in life.

I am determined to do daily December posts. The month has always been close to heart. However, this time around daily blogging is influenced by way of seeking gratitude. Yesterday was a start and the rest of December will be mix of gratitude, some rants and life in general.

Too much has happened the past few days for me to be excited about approaching the end of the year, however the goal is to stay positive and I will look into little bits and bobs of things to be happy about. offers free pics for everybody :) offers free pics for everybody 🙂

I Got Excited About

Leaving home and heading to work this morning. It’s exciting and I was excited to get to work and now it’s midday and the excitement (yes that’s the third time I said that) has managed to retain itself. I’ve reminded myself that things could be worse, but it’s not and for that, I am eternally grateful.

I will be Excited About

Meeting Akki this evening. She landed this morning but I didn’t see her this morning because of my extra excitement to get to work (among other things I had to do) but I’ll be seeing her soon.

Gratitude Star

My wonderful friend, Pavithri has this beautiful habit of sending in positive quotes every morning. So I’m not one for quotes but lately, I’ve been reciprocating and even looking for that right quote (and not sharing it on Facebook, lol) has helped me become a little more grateful to all of the many things I have around me.

We all need someone like Pavithri in our lives, who will not only go that extra mile to spread joy but also truly believe and want the other to be happy.

Comment below if you need a positive message delivered to you and I’d be happy to email you one every morning.

Happy December!


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