Chasing Sunsets in Nilwala

We have beaches and then we have the Matara beach. See, the Matara beach is simply Instagram worthy. The view from the Nilwala River too, is an added bonus.


But here’s the thing with the Matara beach. In case you forgot on exactly where the beach is located (because trust me, we did), it is in the South.

We are playing with the approximates okay.

We are playing with the approximates okay.

This means, you won’t get that romantic sunset by the beach that is hand-holding and Instagram worthy. But if you are lucky enough and happen to be passing the river during sunset (we were inside the Fort) you will most likely get something on these lines.


I’m a creep of a girlfriend

Texture wise, the Matara beach is well, grainy. It looks good but it doesn’t feel too good to walk on. The romantic walks on the beach are not as advisable because it isn’t a smooth one.

I have no idea what’s up with all this romance. I blame this on last night’s conversations. Tsk.

However, it looks great though. There aren’t many people, which is both good and creepy at the same time. They even have those bent over coconut trees that if you are lucky enough to be small (lol) you could climb on and do weird cat-like sexual poses.

In my defence, I’m typing this post on an empty stomach.


Obviously, I did not get the couple leaning against the coconut tree

Then we have the couples. We have the boy who leans against the coconut tree while the girl leans over him when making out. (And I thought the movies taught us to play it the other way around) Then we have the couple that walks hand in hand with backpacks ( clearly missing out on their classes or whatever) and then suddenly opens up an umbrella while trying to navigate their ways across each other’s faces.

Can we also please talk a bit on the umbrellas? How does that even work? I was telling the boy on how maybe they should go back to the umbrellas that are fixed to the tops of your head. Though he did point out that this would limit any possible head action that was to happen. But then, doesn’t it ever bother you on who would hold the umbrella when doing things?

Also, aren’t people possessive of their umbrellas? I’m am very persistent on this one umbrella, one person concept, when it rains, because I dislike the rain and don’t want it touching my body. Who would want to share an umbrella? Jeez.


In other news though, I hope you babies have been well and sorry about not been around as much as I would’ve liked to. There are too many things happening and I’m trying to keep up with things as fast as I can.

PS – I did upload more pictures on Instagram as well.


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