On Dealing with Shitty Weeks

Last This week was a shitty one. Actually so was the week before that, but the week that just ended more so. (Clearly I wrote this post on Saturday but never got around to publishing it) To say that it’s over and a new week to have begun, is more than I could ask for right now. The past few weeks (or month or two as my planner tells me) were ridiculously busy. It’s been a constant struggle of running, running and more running that the shitty week came as no surprise. The week was preceded by copious amounts of socially harmful substances that gladly welcomed its way through out the rest of the week as well. Given that I had to keep running, I found myself planning less, committing to vices more, writing less and all of this combined to a spike in anxiety and rise to other subconscious-hidden conditions. Gah. I found myself watching an undetermined number of planning and organisational videos and actually learning that I already put them into practice without even realising so. Life can be a real win at such times. But here’s what I did to not get over, but deal with myself as I worked into a bad week.

N.B. – It’s a bit of an extensive list and I didn’t even realise that it would be this long up until I listed it out. Also it’s not as though I have written on motivation before or even before that, but sometimes I guess it doesn’t hurt to revisit these things.  

Continue planning, especially if that’s something you are used to doing

I’ve always been a big planner. Since I was in my mid teens. I did however stop making extensive long-term (read anything that goes beyond six months to a year) at some point in my early twenties. For me day, week and sometimes, month plans matter. The latter becomes important for things like budgeting and planning holidays etc.

Towards mid this week, I found myself planning less, writing less and just literally going with the flow. But not in the good way. Things happened because it happened and I clearly made no initiative to stop or start anything because I was just too tired.

Clean, declutter, organise

Saturday last evening was a mad mess off all things listed above. I cleared out and reorganised the kitchen shelves and cupboards, dressing table, bathroom and cleared out some stuff on top of my almara. I’m not a big fan of having stuff on top of cupboards and shelves unless I can help it. And up until I get the rest of the shelves made, it’s very likely that it would be remain this way.

I was lazy and saved this off Snapchat

I was lazy and saved this off Snapchat

Not-so fun fact though: four hours of all this gave me a terrible backache that hit me like a wrecking ball when I tried to forward fold during yoga time. Clearly the yoga for the day stopped there.


I know this seems obvious and oh-gosh-not-you-also, but if you do regularly workout, continue doing so. Obviously, working out releases endorphins and they make you happy and ta-da! But if you are not the type to workout, go out for a drive (because “walks” are not always possible in most places we live, unless you are all geared up to walk and lose weight or drive to some place like Independence Square to actually take a “stroll” before 1800h, which is also not an option for people like me who live far far away). But drives help clear out your mind and just let you go into a nice blank corner in your head. I highly recommend driving at 60 km/h on the expressway on the left lane. Not a single person is bound to piss you off because most people adhere to the basic lane discipline over there.

Tick off to-do lists, work on backlogs

I love working. I always have. The past few weeks I found myself gradually working on some of the stuff I’ve had written down for a long long time. It’s not a lot of work compared to the amass of work awaiting you and you might not be too keen on finishing up, but it’s something and it’s also another one in your list checked off. Yay.

Go shopping or indulge

I’m really not a big shopper. I do shop online for clothes and all, but overall I’m not a big shopper. I am capable of reasoning out and shopping for clothes, shoes and bags. My impulsive buys are mostly limited to rings or groceries. I do like homeware too, but these too are rational purchases and need-driven. Over the weekend though, this need-driven thing happened.

This tho. I love giving pedicures, fyi :D

This tho. I love giving pedicures, fyi 😀

PS – These were all from Lady J. Total bargain 😀 Thanks Shana for the tip! 🙂

Spend time by yourself (or others if you don’t like being alone)

I like being alone. I think I’ve spoken of it before and my head tells me that if I go on talking about it that it would most likely be a bad idea, teehee. But over the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to make time for myself, whether it is to meditate, journal (see below!), drink, cook (also see below) or even sleep (I do sleep alone anyway, but I mean sleep the stress away, hahaha).

Cosmopolitans at 7* leads to wonderful Instagram worthy pictures like these.

Cosmopolitans at 7* leads to wonderful Instagram worthy pictures like these.


I said that I’ve been writing less, no doubt but I’ve been trying to feed in at least three-lines of journaling a few times every night. It helps with the anxiety, stress and other demons in my mind. If you are not into journaling, talk to someone who would be willing to listen. See, I’m not the type to open up and talk to people so writing on a book that won’t talk back actually works for me.

Sleep in or go to sleep early

I’ve been doing a bit of both but mostly sleeping early. I don’t enjoy sleeping in as much as I used to #adulting unless we are talking of a very heavy night, which also doesn’t happen as much as it used to #adulting Moderation, my friend, is key.#adulting But sleeping in early, helps me wake up easier and earlier-ish that helps me get by my day as fast as I can. This means I have more time left for, please see below 😉

Engage in social vices if that makes you happy (or do whatever that does so as long as it’s legal)

If you haven’t seen my Instagram feed, I don’t know what you are doing with your life. Haha. But jokes, aside, I enjoying indulging in my cosmopolitans (among other drinks) every once in a while and I don’t see any harm in it!

See what I meant? :D Totally IG-worthy.

See what I meant? 😀 Totally IG-worthy.

PS – If you are in for a bit of a long read, this one from Quartz is highly recommended.


I know right. But cooking has always been therapeutic for me and I even baked for the first time and it was actually a win, if I say so myself 😉 But if cooking is not what’s in store for you, find something you truly enjoy doing and hopefully, you will find solace in it as much as I did.

Shameless self promotion schemes.

Shameless self promotion schemes.

In retrospect, for me what worked is silence, being mindful of my surroundings and how I used my time, space and energy. It’s still a lot of work in progress if you ask me, but it’s something that lead to this post so I’m not complaining.

I hope you all have a sunny week.

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