New, Happy Things

No before one would jump into any conclusions after reading the title:

  • No, I did not find “new” love – quite happy with the existing one and will be for cheesy long time;
  • I neither found a new job, I still have the supposedly luxurious lifestyle, which again I will have for a while (I hope!)
  • There is no new house either, I mean we just moved in and everyone is  broke to the bone.

I did buy a car last month yes, but this is not about that.

Instead, it’s about this blog! I’ve been doing mad reflections the past few days. I mean when I’m not thinking about the next five years, I keep thinking of how better I can write things and what would happen if my wrist issue goes mad and I have to stop writing (I don’t really have what an average person would call “skills” you know) and also before it does go mad, if I could actually have a live functional blog of my own. I mean I do have this baby yes, but a blog-blog-domain name-blog, you know? That is in the works (by works I mean has been added to the annual financial plan) and until then I’m thinking of ways to make this existing space as good as it can get.

What this “Good” Entails 

A former employer and mentor of mine once told me to find my “niche”. It was a new word for me back in 2013 and for the first five months were spent diligently going through 101 websites, blogs that have found their “niche” and another set of articles aimed at helping one carve this “niche”. Every month following that were spent in a combination of I’m-giving-up-this-niche-business-is-too-much-for-me and it’ll-happen-when-it-does practicality.

Needless to say, up until a few weeks back, I actually forgot about this “niche”. Then, probably supported by the overdose of YouTube and multiple shower thoughts, I began to think of:

a) What I did more than other people (not better, just more);

b) The activity I spent more time doing, during the day / week;

c) Any form of consistency in the activity I have been doing regularly.

and that’s when it hit me like a wrecking ball 

  1. I have this supposedly luxurious option of working from home
  2. My supposedly luxurious work choices have also led to many a travel
  3. I have regular but sporadic (yes I spot the difference) interest and practices in yoga, health and wellness

make that three wrecking balls

Among the free pictures I could find

Among the free pictures I could find

I’m still a little wary on putting up a blogging schedule because, we all know myself better than I do.

But here’s to exciting times.


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