A Place to Call Home

April 08, 2016

It’s been a while since I was as ass and bone tired (I am assuming that phrase is a “thing” by now, eh, no? Well, then.) and it’s all been a good long while since I had as much fun on a Friday night, without alcohol. Before further judgements are made, lets just say that I treasure my Fridays out as much as you treasure your weekends off.

For those who don’t follow me on Snapchat (psht, I don’t even know why you would read this if you wouldn’t, but just in case you wanted to, I’m on ‘seniinthebox’, #kthanxbye), I’ve shifted houses. I currently live approximately 25-30km away from Colombo and I LOVE IT. I love it of course for very different reasons and if by chance I don’t fall asleep midway while writing this on a very sober Friday night with no sleep for the past twenty-four plus more hours at 2232h, I might even venture to speak more on it, hopefully.

thumb_IMG_1882_1024But let’s first speak on why this move is what it is to me. See, I am one of those who adapt well to situations. Okay, most situations.

April 20, 2016

So clearly the past few days have been filled with bits of unpacking (I was a champ who unpacked my room in 1 1/2 days because some of us have issues), lots of driving and a mad week of falling sick. I think my “wish” for not wanting to fall sick the week I was shifting and not minding falling sick during the holidays was granted, haha. But sadly, the holidays are over and I’m still at home, unwell. Jawks on me.

However, being the person I am, I did put together a few pointers that I wanted to speak on since the 08th (I didn’t complete it the other day because I fell asleep from exhaustion) so it’s sort of safe to say that I got it all covered. 😉

In fact, a cab driver I was once riding to the airport with told me that I have what he calls the කැරපොතු න්යාය (sorry that last word is grammatically wrong I know but my little Sinhala transliteration app doesn’t have the piece) or what translates to the theory of the cockroach / cockroach theory? lol. Anyhow, he tells me (based on our almost forty minute drive) that I am the sort of person who is capable of evaluating the circumstances and adapting myself to the situation at hand.

In retrospect, this may sound more glorified than it actually was because this was quite a few cab rides ago.

I mean, I do get a fairly praiseworthy sunset most evenings (when it doesn't rain of course)

I mean, I do get a fairly praiseworthy sunset most evenings (when it doesn’t rain of course). Also, the gate among few other things are to be completed!

But then we had India didn’t we. I mean, India was one of the most culturally and of course educationally (because that was its motive after all) experiences to date. Will I do India again now? Maybe in a difference context, because I’m older and supposedly wiser but yes, and because India (South India specifically) is one place I would not mind living again. You may continue to withhold your varying opinions, lol.

But then, my cockroaches were put to test. We shifted to a place I call “house” sometime late 2014 and for a year and a half from there, it was a downhill slide, both emotionally and mentally. Life was going on for me, in fact, it was the start of many amazing things in my life, yet it all became immaterial as soon as I got to the house.

It was the vibe. Don’t think LSD and other narcotics, but I am a firm believer in positive vibes and the lot, and if we lack these positive particles in the air, I’m not a very happy person. It’s like when the sun doesn’t come up! #ThinkSunny


But that’s a matter of the past.

This is what happens when you write very little spanned across days and days of unacknowledged uncharted thoughts and things and try to make sense out of it.

Fact to the matter is that our Mother has been able to attain her long awaited dream of building her own house (we had bought this in 2011, shifted out coz of a robbery, rebuilt and shifted back) and for my sister and I, her dream is our dream because if it weren’t for her, we wouldn’t be here and if it weren’t for her long hours and years of hard work, we wouldn’t have made it to where we are in life today. 

So here’s to our new home, our home and fancier shower gels.


P.S. – I apologise again for the haphazard-y article. The trains and thoughts all seem to have been derailed!

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