This is more for Me, than for You

It’s one of those “work” Mondays that sits quietly before a mercantile *no alcohol* Tuesday and having spent a week in Cambodia learning things and extracting information for work, trust me when I tell you that it’s not the best of days to work. Or at least that is what I keep telling myself. But on days that you just don’t want to get out of that zone you call <insert appropriate terminology here> and all you can think of is pseudo-philosophical questions on the purpose of life and all what revolves around you, it’s a struggle as opposed to an effort to keep yourself from Googling Tumblr-esq inspirational shiz (no, I still don’t own a Tumblr account “yet”, lol).

But then, it’s those times when you are driving in traffic like a mad woman because you can’t concentrate and images of horrid mis-happenings keep flashing in front of you as you take junction after junction does it strike you that it’s you and no one but yourself who can motivate to get up and get moving.

It’s not the Tumblr-esq posts, countless hours on social media or happy pills that keep you going but a reality check on where life is going and what you decide on doing about it.

While I do believe in external motivation and rewards to keep you going – yes I am guilty of providing myself that extra-coffee, calories or half hour of sleep – not only is it not sustainable, it does not remove the responsibility or commitments you have brought on yourself. The very ones you did at one point because you considered yourself a twenty-something responsible adult and it seemed like a good decision then. Temporary fixes are always good ones so as long we make sure not to hold on to it for our life’s worth.

So here’s to sunny Mondays, better weeks and for all those who are trying.

P.S. – Also, this – no the video isn’t symbolic of anything, the lyrics devoid of the video maybe applicable to days like today.



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