On Charity

The following rant post is based on a very recent experience so please do consume your pinches spoons required quota of salt and pepper. 

I like to “think” that I work for people or at least for the general improvement of larger communities. I don’t earn as much as I would like to (yes, we all strive to earn for more in the capitalist society) but whenever I can, I like to contribute to those who i consider not as privileged as myself. 

 Yes, I do consider myself privileged given the many things I have compared to a whole different community out there. I will also be using many of the “I like to think”s, because, reasons.

But charity (as that is what is mostly called), as most know, should not be for the sake of charity. 


For starters, I think I might have a problem with the word charity in itself. A lot of people talk about it, especially during this part of the year because it’s the time for giving and other nonsense, but mostly because all if not most of us are cleaning our houses inside out in preparation for the new year and seem to find a lot of pieces of clothing and other items that we no longer have use for.

If my cynicism bothers you, I suggest you watch this video and close this tab.

On a similar note, I must now proclaim my love for children. I think the greater part of me just misses childhood while another part of me love children because of the innocence and simplicity that period in life offers them.

Circumstances might be aeons apart for many children, but at the end of the day, children will always have a special place in my heart and a lot of other hearts in this world too.

Especially in the “hearts” of those who seek charitable causes to donate to during this Christmas season.

While I all think it’s well and good to give to children and to support the cause of children, be it education or child rights or providing basic needs, the only constant thing I stand for in children (in a Utopian sense of my irrational thinking) is making all causes applicable to all children alike.

Because no child wants to see the other kid get something better for Christmas and think they were in Santa’s “naughty” list that year, as children do not know jealousy but only sadness upon witnessing differentiated treatment.

Hence, this event I helped out at was no different. It angers and saddens me to know that my “helping out” may have only aggravated the situation, but in hindsight while thinking that I should’ve not been partaken in the act all together, I cannot help but wonder if those leagues more privileged than myself responsible for initiating the event could not have planned it better? I am told that this “kind” act of “charity” has been in practice for nearly half a century. Yet, I cannot help but think if there was indeed a kind or charitable bone in their bodies, if they cannot see beyond the need to help only a small group of children?

Because what good does it make to remove a certain group of children (from the situation of for example, an orphanage), isolate them momentarily and bring them over to an alien (an d extremely privileged, impractical) environment? 

Upon receiving their Christmas “gifts” will they not go back to their familiar setting and then wouldn’t the other children, no matter how old they are, feel as though they were not the chosen ones?

This is a vicious cycle I understand and my little rant post is not going to make any difference whatsoever. Yet, somethings have to be said and for some of the medium has to be online because, armchair revolutionists.

I hope you babies had a blessed Christmas.


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