No, this is not Adele. Believe it or not, I’ve actually heard that song maybe twice at the most and it didn’t (or is yet to, tbh I’m not the biggest fan of her music. Of her, yes I am!) quite appeal to me.

I’ve been writing or rather wanting to be writing a long time.

The absence of writing has resulted in me not introducing myself as a writer any more and as a comms person who does all sorts of weird jobs and sends a gazillion emails a day. 

The absence of writing has also stopped me from getting that writer-esque business card and possible domain name, because what do I actually write?

The absence has also created a void I haven’t been able to replace and deep self-criticism that I think is anything but constructive,

that has left dozens of half finished draft blog posts over here, on Word, Pages, Notes and even on paper,

because nothing I write anymore seems any good.

This also includes writing letters,

which seems to have caused weird sentence structures,

like this.

It’s perhaps the absence of time or the inefficient planning in making time, I know not, but the writing has stopped.

I now think of alternative career options and oft thinking if it is my driving game that I should one-up or my culinary abilities or the fact that I can completely rock it with babies below the age of five, minus the poo-poo bits of things or just some weird organising person because my jittery-vibes are at an all time high.

The overdose of YouTube video-watching and paperback-slash-kindle-cuddling has also got me thinking if I could ever become a YouTube sensation if I learn to put on decent makeup or face paint that will cover up my face and do my hair in a way that looks presentable.

But then we have no Paypal yet and well, no money there.

Besides all that melodrama, how has your life been?

It’s December. I’m trying to kid myself into trying a consecutive December Diaries, because why the heck not.

No promises though. Too much criticism going down on this one.

December Diaries copy



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