July Favourites

Hello my loves!

Another month where I do not recall as to what happened, when and better yet, how. It seems to be a constant stream of work, which is great, no doubt, but I must say that there have been times if I have actually sat to wonder if it was all worth while after all. #haw

I also began putting this together nearly nine days ago. Time does fly when you have fun.

Musings aside, here are a few of my favourites from July.

Monthly Favourites1. Baby Oil 

Okay, I’ll admit it, I saw this on Niomi Smart’s video with her Mum and Grandmum (also, their genes are simply #goals ) and I did take to religiously dabbing baby oil on my body after – now that sounds a little lol-able also noh, haha – but there is of course a downside to it, at least for us dark(er) skinned folks. Baby oil or any oil on your body results in “hastened hair growth”. Does that even make sense? Basically, your hair just grows faster. lol. This also means that my every-three-and-a-half week waxing appointment has now become every two-and-a-half weeks (ish), but then it’s still too short to wax. Gah. If you are a girl, you’d understand. 😦

2. Koththmalli

Yes, I know. I was also quite ill the past few days / weeks and have been downing koththmalli, even after vodka once. The latter was a terrible decision I must admit. Ended up puking the koththmalli, vodka and lovely dinner. haw.

3. This Article on Medium 

Which inspired me to write this, because all things in life are ephemeral.

4. Meeting New People

I met so many new and lovely people this month of July! I’m linking their Twitter accounts here, here and here, because you should all meet them too. ❤

5. Cheeky Napping Times

I don’t know why I’m calling this a favourite, but it definitely has been something I have “enjoyed” doing given that my night-time sleeping hours are otherwise compromised coz of work, a favourite boy and people who make videos on YouTube. #Priorities #YesInThatOrder

What are your favourites for July?

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