June Favourites

Hello lovelies!


I have no idea how June swam by so fast because when I opened my planner and Calendar app to see what had happened, all I saw was little dots and many many notes. It’s been crazy, if I hadn’t said that in any of my earlier posts! Haha. But it’s been good exhausting crazy. Maybe too exhausting even for me to have start planning my December vacation!

But June’s been exciting nevertheless and here are a few of my favourites from this month.

Monthly Favourites

1. This Liquid Liner

The Marc Jacobs one in the front. I couldn’t be bothered to take a new pic 😀

I’m not particularly big on makeup. I would like to think that the fascination began post-Youtube. lol. But I do like my eye makeup. Okay not makeup, that’s too big a word for the shitty lazy job I do, but if there is only one part of my face I’d highlight, it’d be the eyes. I’ve traditionally stuck to eyeliner on the lower lid and mascara but this liquid liner is definitely a game changer. The felt tip is a gazillion times easier to manoeuvre around your upper lid compared to the usual brush tip. Gah. So much loves. I also did get more goodies with this package from above and wrote about it in my eighteenth list of thankfuls.

2. The “Calm” App

I spoke about it in my seventeenth week of thankfuls yes and discovered it through this Tanya Burr video. This app for iOS and Android (not too sure about Windows) is a real game changer for those who want to start or continue a solid meditation practice and don’t mind relying on a technology-based tool. There are some who find this to be less authentic etc but each man to his own! Their website is also pretty neat.

3. My New Glasses

Stop right there and hear me out. I got new glasses. They are fabulous and I can see, “so much”. I’ve been wearing glasses for a while now. It first started off a fashion trend – blame it on secondary education and girls’ schools –  and (to an extent) self-induced migraine. As I started growing out of my teenage years, the need started becoming more authentic especially while driving at night or reading things at a distance. The glasses I had before were pretty neat and did do something to my vision, or so I thought until I got my new pair. Holy dragons.



I felt my sight increase in brightness and nearly lost my balance out of exposure. 😀

4. Braids 

Fishtail braid: check!

Fishtail braid: check!

I don’t know which part of the world you live in, but where I live, it’s well, not “Summer” as we know it (for the tropics have what I call an eternal Summer) but it’s dragon-fire burning hot. The heat be so warm that my region be suffering from a heatwave and no one can do nothing about it. 😦 But life must go on and I cannot sit in my air conditioned room regardless of wanting to and work must happen. I don’t always do high buns or pony tails as my hair is a little frizzy and dry. I’ve been French braiding my hair for a while now but sometimes, even for those of us who crave monotony, it could get a little boring yes (especially when one watches as many beauty vloggers and whatnots). I’ve realised over the past month that braiding with straight hair is easier than wavy/curly hair and waterfall, fishtail, dragon-whatever-just-kidding braids become tonnes easier.

Braidachievement: Fishtail braid! #AchievementUnlocked

5. Snapchat



This is an odd favourite I would think so too, yes to talk about a social media app but let’s just say that when my best girl, Dilshani introduced this to me, it was seriously a dafaq moment but now, I am actually lovin’ it.

<cue McDonald’s>

I only hope that I don’t snap(chat) on a crazy Friday night because even if I did, I WOULD NEVER KNOW.

What are your favourites this June?


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