It’s Been a While

…since I wrote something I genuinely find to be worthy, on this blog of mine.

It’s no surprise that I have (yes, finally) noticed that most of my posts are limited to the Giving Thanks series I do every Tuesday. While I find this to be limiting in “content”, I am at the same time grateful that this has kicked back into being something on the lines of a ritual. I know how difficult it is to get into the habit of doing something. I once read somewhere that it takes approximately twenty-one days or three weeks to get a habit into place. So, twenty-one weeks for me, is a pretty big deal.

(c) Google Images

(c) Google Images

However, I am quite aware that otherwise for me counting thankfuls, this space of mine has been pretty sporadic in terms of blog posts and read-worthy content.

But then there is another side to this where “seasoned” bloggers would tell me that I needn’t feel this way because at the end of the day I am not under any obligation whatsoever – especially for those of us with an even more sporadic readership – to post all too frequently to which I also agree!

Still for all, there is a part of me that feels awful on how things have been rolling out on the blog because this is one space I know that I can not only be myself but just sit down, unwind and write.

Write, because, as a writer that is not what I’ve been up to the past few weeks.

My writerly self has been visualising marketing material, attending client meetings, initiating probable discussion and conceptualising (content/copy) writing frameworks. I suddenly feel as though as a “writer”, life suddenly became all too technical and now we are doing a lot of not-so fun things. But I did read somewhere that when you start pursuing what you love (a career in writing, in my case) that you hardly start doing what you love (“write”) or something to that extent, apologies if I got the statement incorrect. But basically, it comes down to how you evolve in a particular profession and then you know the drill.

But, sigh.

But yes, work has been good to me but what has it done in terms of my writing, I’m not too sure. I’ve recently discovered beautifully written posts through Bloglovin’ and some other random sites / social media shares and felt a little sad on the sort of writing that I was producing. I mean it sells (to an extent, I think) but how happy I am with the writer I am becoming, I don’t really know.

Here’s to less thoughtful and philosophical evenings of shitty writing.


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