I’m Going on Vacation

…in December.

Now before you start asking me where I’m going or before my Mum gets excited on the plans I’ve made ahead of time and not told her, let’s just say that I haven’t really planned anything. But I keep telling many people I meet that I’m taking my big break in December only because it’s the most feasible month to honestly get away for a few days.

But then with oh so many birthdays and Christmas I don’t necessarily celebrate my vacation allowance would definitely have to come from some place else for which I would constantly work like a mad woman until then and do you read how tired I am but not even stopping to use a comma, or question mark?

This is seriously what I look like now. Just that I have darker hair, a fairer laptop and learnt the hard way not to have my cup of caffeine in close proximity to my laptop.
(c) Google Images

I suppose the next question in store is as to why I tell people that I am going on vacation if I don’t really have a plan, yes? No?

The little voice inside my head is inclined to believe that this is my way of reverse-psychologicising my brain to convince that I need a vacation and in fact, will end up saving up and planning for one.

And yes, “(reverse-) psychologicising” is officially a word as at this very moment. 

#relatable (c) Google Images

I’m just perpetually tired, d’you know what I mean?

This post had to be written.

If you read it expecting a full-length description of my travel plans, I’m truly sorry on your behalf.

I hope you babies are having a sunnier week!

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