May Favourites

Hello and it’s time for my monthly favourites! Started compiling this yesterday (May 31) but then one thing led to another and what do you know!

It’s been a crazy month mostly due to work and procrastination but hey, everyday’s a new day to learn eh? 😉 A lot’s been happening and I’ve actually stayed home “a” Friday night and realised that I could get used to it!

Monthly Favourites

1. These Stuff

Yes, I took them while working in bed.

Yes, I took them while working in bed.

I have now officially run out of “goods not from Sri Lanka” and hence switched to local alternatives *smirks* and I’m actually loving it. I’ve loved this foot cream for as long as I can remember (almost a year?) and even have a handbag-addition of the same. I am to write longer review posts of the same elaborating as to why I cannot get enough of it, which I will do soon.

2. The “Notes” App on Mac

Yes, I’m talking about an App I simply love, adore and cherish because it’s been doing all things good to my life. I also (very shamefully) recently discovered it’s ability to sync with iCloud and DO YOU KNOW HOW EASY MY LIFE HAS BEEN SINCE? Sorry I got a little carried away there.

3. Editing Pictures

I mean lol, yes I get the lol too. But I have been head over heels with editing pictures on either my phone or laptop. I’m deliberating if I should get VSCO Cam because yes, I have been spending a good deal of time watching all these YouTube celebrity videos on how they edit their Instagram photos. 😮

4. Wrapping Gifts 

Probably as a follow up to Gifted, I have also been watching, learning and reading up on more gift wrapping tips and tricks!



By now, you may have also realised how much of time and bandwidth has been vested on Instagram.

5. Life, as we know it

It’s clichéd and all that jazz yes, but this month has been so cray that it’s only through posts like and Giving Thanks do I actually get to not only be thankful but also love life and attempt to make the most of it.

What are your favourites this May?

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