Mid-Year Review

Oh hi. Yes, it’s been a while. No, yes, (see how confuzzled I am in life) I know I wrote on Tuesday but I haven’t “written” anything beyond the Tuesday posts now have I? Also yes, there is no compulsion whatsoever to write, I know. But then, oh I’m not even going to bother, it’s something those who genuinely enjoy blogging and do not have enough time to invest in it would relate to.

Now that the explanations of this post is done (I cannot believe I justified my writing, sigh) let me start by saying that I will not rant on how awfully exhausted I’ve been, but since we are on the topic and since I did find this really nice image from Google:

(c) Google Images understands me.

(c) Google Images understands me.

There’s been a lot going on to keep me busy and exhausted, mostly (and only, coming to think of it) work related, most of which I choose not to disclose via these public networks, because I live a secret life like that. 😎 However, amidst these secrets lays a side of life so real, which often gets the best (and worse) of me.

On Relationships 

For starters, let’s talk about relationships. Don’t leave yet, those of you familiar of my “relationship with relationships” but stay, I promise to keep this short. My recent views on relationships (not those romantic ones I’m bad at) but any form of it, from related to non-related ones have definitely taken a turn, for the worst.

I have also realised that listening to emotional orchestral music while writing has not helped the cause either.

I don’t understand people whom I don’t related to.

It’s amazing and even fascinating to think that you could have a similar upbringing yet become polar opposites of one’s sense of duties and task once you grow up to be an adult. I would assume that it was the norm for one, as they grow older, to become wiser and more responsible but I suppose it is all but a fallacy I once entrusted myself with.

What also becomes of those relationships that were going so well at one point (again, these are by no means “romantic) and the next minute you know, the news you hear of your “friend” comes from anyone but. Does this justify my belief of the purpose of life (and elements guided by it) being utilitarian

I cannot also help but also wonder if one is allowed to change as a “person” when in (any) relationship? If yes, does this require the other to become naturally accepting of the change? If no, does this mean that there is no room for change (or to evolve)?

On Nonchalance 

Is it just me or does the world not give a fuck anymore? Is this why, some of us “change” in relationships? Moreover, what is causing this nonchalance?

I suddenly feel as though this post is turning out to be a(n) (unanswered) philosophical term paper.


I would blame my nonchalance on the work overload in which I am currently swimming (or drowning, because I can’t swim), some hormonal concerns and even the mere fact of growing old(er). With age, also comes the responsibility and duty you couldn’t and wouldn’t (unless you are weird, lol – inside joke) shy away from.

But at the same time, while you are sitting at your nice quaint cafe, sipping that delicious flat white, are you honestly hurt about the millions of people dying in suffering in India because of the heatwave and the thousands still homeless and in need of aid in Nepal? I cite these two examples in particular as a result of my familiarity and affinity towards both countries. The former was my second home and a place I would go back to in a heartbeat and the latter, a country with many warm people and close friends.

However, the familiarity stops when you know “your” people are safe and you continue munching into your parfait.

On Behaviour 

Another recent topic of concern, perhaps caused by changed and strained relationships, is that of behaviour.

I also love how all of this is starting to revolve around relationships. haha. 

Is it change within individuals that is causing this change in behaviour?

Or is it familiarity?

Haven’t you wondered how and why you could be overly nice to a person you hardly know but downright rude to your closest family member?

Or is it because you are more comfortable “being yourself around them?”

Does that mean you are not your “real” self in society?

Fair enough, we all need to put on a certain element of “social” when meeting people for the first time, but at what point do we draw the line and make the transition?

Most importantly, how do we mould the other, to become accepting of our “new” (actual) self?

I’m also quite aware that posting at this time would not be good for my “stats’, but honestly, no one really cares anymore.

I hope all you babies are well and the first half of your year has been sunny and insightful.

3 thoughts on “Mid-Year Review

  1. papertrails says:

    Change in behavior of people you thought that you know so well sometimes feel like a total betrayal, especially in relationships (specially the romantic ones :P), I guess as Darwin said we must adapt to changing conditions in order to survive (in these situations, in order to keep our peace of mind)…:)



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