March Favourites

Hello lovelies,

I’ve been wasting my life watching tonnes of YouTube videos – both the comedy types and beauty vlogging types (so much so that I now own a very small number of face makeup items!), and one things most YouTubers do is speak of their monthly favourites. Since, I’m one to catch up on trends (and hopefully set some!) – teehee – starting March I thought of putting together five things I have loved the most give or take by the last week of that particular month or the first week of the following month. (This was handwritten a few days ago, but with the recent turn of events it hasn’t been too convenient with this blogging thing I’m telling you.)

My favourites will vary from beauty products to some tech stuff to random restaurants or even hobbies I may have picked. Happy reading!

Monthly Favourites

  1. Sunglasses

Yes, it is a tropical-living essentials but this is not only a total random favourite but that handbag essential I simply cannot leave home without. Leave my phone behind, fine, I have my laptop but my sunglasses? Oh hell no!

Thanks (c) Google

Thanks (c) Google

I don’t own very fancy sunglasses “yet” and it isn’t something I will be inclined to order online either as I need to see if the frame fits my partially-babath face and there aren’t as many fancy sunglass-stores in Sri Lanka either! #TheStruggleIsReal Also, for those living in the sunny island, despite the torrential evening rains, I still need it as my essential for the sunny madly hot mornings.

  1. Bloglovin’

This favourite is more of a rediscovery for me. I first joined Bloglovin’ in my earlier blogging days and completely forgot about it, until I was very recently encouraged by my new blogging friends on Facebook! Yay. This encouragement also made me realise that I hadn’t changed my username over there and was still Jill-ing around. Haw. But yes, it is also now a favourite reader-app on my phone apart from WP reader (for blogs) and Google Newsstand (for uhm news).

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

  1. Super K

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my yoghurt-dinner fascinations. It is not entirely a weight-driven meal but rather an eat-healthy initiative to complement my somewhat less-obscure yoga practice.


Despite making the most of monotony however, I decided to “spice” up my yoghurt-dinners by looking for add-on ingredients. Fruit was a definite and viable option, but I realised that an apple was way too much for a meal.

Dinner turned smoothie

Dinner turned smoothie

While looking for cereal substitutes that were anything but Coco Pops and Frosties (vacation-indulgences) I stumbled upon Super K. I had seen this aeons before but always thought it was something bland and you know flaky. On the contrary, this baby is actually pretty sweet, literally. While it is not the direct substitute, it can be used instead of Muesli. (I still haven’t allowed myself to buy a box for LKR 900, though breakfast bars for LKR 600 seem okay to me. Yes, the logic fails me as well.) It’s the Indian variety of Kellogg but hey, it makes my yoghurt a pretty neat meal.

  1. My staple gold flats / slip-ons

I picked these out from Cool Planet for less than LKR 1000! (it was cheaper than Muesli, teehee) The purchase was driven by the nature of my work, which isn’t too formal and the need to wear something overly comfortable and multi-purpose.

  1. This mix

I listen to this at least five times a week. So so so so very good. I’ve been also listening to more EDM than usual. Apparently, it makes a good yoga playlist! 🙂

What are your March favourites?


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