The People Series: Introducing Shifani Reffai

It’s been a while since I did one of these. Not because I ran out of people to write about. Okay I may have. sigh. But I also may have come across a few people I would’ve liked to include but they didn’t strike me as anything fancy. D’you know what I mean? Yes, I’m very judgemental like that. So are you okay so shush.

This time around, I had coffee with this lovely lady: Shifani Reffai. and trust me, she is fancy. I’ve known her before through the bestie, but no we haven’t officially met. But then life became tech-savvy and couldn’t stop posting selfies on Instagram and then I stumbled upon Dingiribanda.

Also, Shifani needs no introduction, but then I’m doing so anyway because the lovely lady is new to my blog, hokay.

(c) Shifani Reffai Pictures

(c) Shifani Reffai Pictures

The story of Dingiribanda is simple. She figured that the cat (she has a cat yes and Dingiribanda is a woman) would probably outgrow its fame and decided on posting pictures of her lovely paintings, like this one:

Holy balls. Made my LOTR boob cry out in joy.  (c) Shifani Reffai Pictures

Holy balls. Made my LOTR boob cry out in joy.
(c) Shifani Reffai Pictures

I jawk i jawk. But I mean, I saw the drastic change, given that I take less to animals and more to inanimate objects like paintings – tsk – stalked her on Facebook and wanted to see her lovely face and that lead to us picking up another very lovely hijabi chick and I was very thrilled to be surrounded by as many hijabi chicks at the same time and boy, I’m getting carried away here.

Shifani 4

But the story of our meet up on a quiet ish Sunday afternoon at Whight & Co had a rocky start. I rocked the boat (as always) before I even met the fabulous lady because I overestimated my parents’ ability to be ready on time (again! and I don’t seem to lose faith in them) but alas. (backstory: I had to drop them off at a meeting before meeting the lovely lady because the carpets in other vehicle hadn’t dried after the Sunday bath #FirstWorldPains ) But yes, I was further delayed by missing the road, again – somehow Aloe Avenue is hard not to miss – and well, that happened.

(c) Shifani Reffai Pictures

(c) Shifani Reffai Pictures

So Shifani wears a whole load of hats, hijabs. If you want to check her out first, which I suggest you do, click on ALL of the following links. Don’t worry, they’ll open in separate tabs and once you are done there you can come back to reading this lovely piece of writing. 😀

(c) Shifani Reffai Pictures

(c) Shifani Reffai Pictures

But for me, what I most loved about Shifani are:

  • that she lived in India (Delhi – meh – though but still India!)
  • and that her first degree was in English.

I felt sentimentally connected and joyously thrilled at all those prospects. Also that sentence makes absolutely no sense when you read it again.

Because for me, I am yet to find that language / culture enthusiast who studied in India and has a strong connection and longing for the place as well (and I think I now have).


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