Behind Closed Doors

I must say that this idea is not an original one (no one said I was the original-creative sort to begin with!) and it was something I shamelessly stole off Laura. As Laura says over in her post, I too know the following people. Some of their stories might have been tweaked a little so their identities will be protected thus making certain elements fictitious. But these stories are true and to some of us, maybe even relatable.

Meet A

A is a boy. A, at 23 has the perfect life, with a perfect job and is very happy with how things are going. He does not have a degree however, because he wasn’t too keen on studying despite having the means to do so, but is in the field of work that he cannot get enough of. Call him a workaholic, A has been working since he left school at 19 years and works well into the night and at times on weekends. His sheer dedication to the company, which he has not left for four years has given him a series of promotions and is now an Assistant Manager. But behind closed doors, A is not very happy. In fact, he hates his job and even more so, he hates his life. He wants to move out of his parents home, which he knows that he can’t do due to cultural ties; he wants to do something else in life, but is unable to do so as he has does nothing else besides what he is doing now; and he just wants go away. He works as hard hoping that he can save money to just disappear into thin air, but he knows that money won’t get him all that. But what’s worse is that A cannot speak to anyone. His close friends thinks he is #blessed and his family thinks him a gem of a son. He can’t see a psychologist or a counsellor about it because “nothing is wrong with him”. A often contemplates suicide.

(c) Google Images

(c) Google Images

Meet B

B, is your average nobody. While the phrase itself is derogatory, B does not care as B has heard this all of B’s life. B is 26, single, has a job and lives in the city. B’s parents are not from the commercial capital and hence, lives away. However, B never misses a weekend without seeing B’s parents. B does not have big weekend plans because no one thinks that B is cool enough to hang out with. B also has a sibling, who is the pride of the family. The sibling is what anyone would call an all-star child: good grades, scholarships, university, married well, great job and great kids. Basically, the South Asian version of your white picket-fence image in the West. But behind closed doors, B is ingenious. B speaks four languages and has a very high emotional quotient. B is of average intelligence yes, but B is what the modern day person would call “street smart”. Even when B moved into the city for employment, B adapted to the surroundings in a breeze, much to the surprise of B’s family members and colleagues. B gets things done. B is a planner. B is an innovator. B is a mastermind at solving your problems. But B is not charismatic and forever will remain behind closed doors.

Meet C

C is the new socialite on the rise. She is in her 20s, slender and has a pretty face. C is also academically qualified, has an equally wonderful boyfriend has a job that anyone else her age would only dream of doing: co-ordinating fashion shows and high-society events. C herself is also from
An upper-middle class family and is familiar with the scene. C’e job goes beyond sending out emails and running around for permissions. She is one of the key people involved in making decisions, giving out suggestions and critiquing. But behind closed doors, when C takes off her clothes and steps into the shower, her body is filled with bruises. Not the sort you would expect to see in 50 Shades of Grey. But ghastly bruises that she does not even want in her body. C has a wonderful boyfriend who also has a series of wonderful fetishes. However, it doesn’t stop there. C’s boyfriend and line-manager are close friends who put these fetishes into practice, together. But why can’t C leave her boyfriend or her job? It is because C had an abortion a few years ago after becoming pregnant with one of C’s boyfriend’s friends. No, C did not cheat on him. Her boyfriend and her line-manager wanted the friend in the same room as where C was. In a room with three grown men, there is only little that the little beautiful girl could have done. She cannot tell her parents because they wouldn’t believe her because he is not capable of such things! After all, it si everyone’s wish that they be married sooner than later. Also, given her family status, an abortion is good enough reason to be cast out of the family. C cannot leave the country as her boyfriend takes control of all her finances and gives her only what she needs to spend. The excess he keeps away for the “future”. C does not know what to do. Perhaps C she should put a definite end to this misery and this can only be done by C removing herself from the picture.

I agree these stories are dark. But it is my cynical assumption that behind every smiling face is a tale of sorrow and misery that has helped each of them make an effort to curve a smile. If it weren’t for dark pasts and stories of misery, we would not be where we are today.

9 thoughts on “Behind Closed Doors

  1. rothbourne says:

    It’s scary how much I identify myself with one of these stories. Most people wouldn’t see how I can relate to it but I guess behind closed doors things are very different.


  2. auntlala85 says:

    Wow! It is even a better blog when you don’t know the people and read what happens behind closed doors. Thank you so much for sharing. I am praying for your friends, especially C. She has touched my heart. 🙂


    • seniinthebox says:

      You are most welcome Laura and thanks for inspiring me to write this. My perspective is that there is a bit of all of us in all these characters. That’s what I felt when I read your post as well. Thanks for reading! 🙂



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