Subject: Party Invitation

Yes I’m throwing a party for total strangers and some friends and acquaintances and you are invited!


I know right?

So there is no reason per se (actually there is – I wanted to throw it on Valentine’s Day but sadly ’twas ill-planned #tsk), but I just want to be nice to a couple of total random people because I’ve realised that I haven’t thrown a party in like forever. Actually, I haven’t thrown a party. Like me, I, me and not my Mother. lol. I don’t celebrate birthdays (like my birthday) and don’t like people making a big deal out of my birthday and my birthday is aeons away so don’t you think that this is a secret party. muhaha.

Don't worry, it's not going to be all pink :D

Don’t worry, it’s not going to be all pink 😀

Couple of things. I haven’t decided on the logistics or dates or venues or whatever yet, because well all great ideas take place in the loo and this too was one of them! teehee.

But yes, I might have to limit the number to say 30 ish? Coz let’s all be honest. I don’t think I can host a party for more people than that (not right now at least) with food and alcohol (yes it is a 21+ party!) and well that’s about it – we are playing music off an iPod children. Alcohol > DJs, always 😀

Let me know what you babies think, would love to hear from you.

P.S. – I am thinking late April? And there a couple of people I would WANT at the party, so if you are invited, please do come, it will make me happy. 

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