Product Review: Seri Toner with Green Tea and Mint

Hello beautiful people!

I did tell you that interesting things were coming board and I wasn’t lying! I’ve been wasting my life watching a lot of Youtube, and something good must come out of it, yes? and have also been reading their blogs, product reviews and that’s when it hit me, we hardly review our local products! 😦 In all honesty, there are reasons why this is not done but when you truly find something you like, I don’t see any harm in letting the world know about it! In time, I will also put up a little post on my face products I’ve been loving for the past few months, but till then, let’s get on with this baby.

Disclaimer: I am not being paid to write this. The post is a result of genuine appreciation and well, it’s served me well so far and deserves to be praised. Also, if you are not a girl, I strongly suggest you read this post and keep yourself entertained.

IMG_4377Brand Name: Seri

Product Name: Toner with Green Tea and Mint

Price: LKR 280

Volume: 100 ml

So, I’ve been using toners for a few years now, just after cleansing and just before moisturising. I’ve used a few types of toners but a majority of them fall into two categories: extremely mild, to the extent of not feeling it’s effect on your skin (equivalent to washing your face with water) to extremely strong, where is burns your skin, in a not-very-nice way.

Striking a perfect balance between the both of these is the toner from Seri. I hadn’t used any green tea and mint combos before and I was skeptical when I first got it. As I do have an innate dislike towards applying food flavours on my skin, this wasn’t really easy. However, on my second bottle now, I can tell you that I am loving it.

It lasts as long as any other normal toner would do, approximately about two months ish and is a completely worthy purchase. The green tea fragrance is surprisingly good and the mint has a nice cooling effect on your face. It would be brilliant if these guys can make a spray-toner out of this. It takes a few seconds to absorb once you’ve cotton ball-ed your face (lol. that is a very funny expression I’ve realised) and then you are ready to moisturise followed by makeup or just go on with your day wearing that au naturale look.

I am the type who usually sticks to a product she likes and I think I might stick to this one, at least for a while longer because it’s preeeetty affordable, given that some of us spend excessively on cleansers and moisturisers and it’s usage is fairly decent.

Let me know what you think if you’ve tried this baby out.


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