The Travel Wh-att!

(From what I would know of SEO, I do write shitty titles. HAHA.)

In general, I claim that I do not like to travel. This usually stems from my innate inability of not bringing myself to do things, like pack. Yes, I am lazy and I do avoid travelling due to the hassle involved in travelling. But then that doesn’t quite add up either as I do like packing (and unpacking!). I am one of those people who goes to the extent of writing down and taking pictures of my daily outfits, (inner and outwear and accessories!) and ultimately, over pack. 

And of course who could forget the entertainment component?

Since I was a child, up until now, I would have different means of “entertainment” in my handbag – no there are no dildos or vibrators (I also realised that I have family who read my utterly shameless blog posts – sorry not sorry! 😀 ). There is always music, books to write on, my Kindle, phone (that has entertaining things noh) and my laptop, not in my handbag but a daily must-have of sorts. Oh and occasionally a paperback too.

So, when I travel, of course there will be another book or two and if it is on “vacation” with anyone other than myself, then a couple of other group stuff and now since we are older, the socially unaccepted carry-on that comes in bottles.

Now do you see why I dislike travelling?

Interestingly and ironically enough, I attended the Travel Bloggers Conference last year (thanks to my super cool ex-boss Editor at Daily FT) and learnt a thing or two, or so I like to think (or hope). That most people become overwhelmed by the idea of travel due to the hassle involved in it such as airport security, 30 kgs and other nonsense. If you are travelling within the country, this would be reasons such as transport and logistical arrangements to getting about destinations (unless you are driving) and most importantly, time. It wasn’t something extraordinary to be honest, but a simple lesson silly people like myself need to learn.

What’s funny is that I have been travelling unconsciously-ish for work, vacation (of sorts?) since the Conference / last November (in case you are curious, I wrote about here, here, here, here, here and here – lol), like did you just see what I wrote in parentheses? 😀

But my most recent travel for work, which ended Wednesday late night was an epiphany of sorts or so I like to believe. I’m not sure if it was the ten-hour travel or the fact that I had work piling up to my ears and couldn’t do anything about it during those ten-hours because my family has a history of being motion sick and prevents us from reading or writing while travelling (unless it’s in air!), but yes I think the time of travel has emerged.

As I said yesterday, things are not the sunniest and travel would do me good and help clear out the negative energy surrounding me and any other details I would like to push to the back of my memory bank.

Pictures from my recent travels in Batticaloa! 🙂

So here is to more travel related posts I hope? Hope you babies are having a good Friday!

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