To 2014

Oh hello. It’s been a while. In my defence, I was in no internet zone and on partial vacation spending time with family and hence stayed away from screens. Think it did a world of good.

Well it’s still Sunday December 28 over here, but for the 2014 review post I guess it’s about time that I start now. I searched my posts and it turned out that I had one in 2013 as well, published on the 31st, so why not continue the trend this year also noh.

Yes I screenshot-ted this off Viber. Teehee

Yes I screenshot-ted this off Viber. Teehee.

Be warned, this might be is a long post. 

I just completed transferring all required information to next year’s planner. The year looks good so far and the first month terribly busy. I couldn’t be happier. Speaking of transferring, we shifted houses and everything is in place-ish, folks are still eternally tired though with all the carrying etc, it’s sad to see age come into play.

Today, it’s December 29 and I cannot help but think how “nice” it must be to have be born on the 29th. So to all those celebrating, happy birthday and may you have the happiest years ahead.

Right now I’m awaiting the start of a very long two-day meeting and sadly not looking forward to it as much. I’m back from a week-long ish vacation and have half planned my next vacation at the end of the first quarter of 2015 and life seems all easy breezy right now. 

It’s the 30th today and sitting at the second and final day of a year-end review meeting.

There isn’t much that I can partake in mostly because my area of work is limited and also, I’m new (to the job). Yes, I quit my job, again. haha. Hopefully this quitting jobs at the end of the year doesn’t become a pattern. Not at least until I get my act together. Just had a glance through at the post from last year and clearly this year was more eventful in comparison. Lol. Of the many things that happened, both good and bad I think the (once) sunny person in me would want to highlight all the happy things that happened this year, so I narrowed it down to eight. The following are in no particular order. I just skimmed through my 2014 planner to recall what happened, hope you like it and do let me know the highlights of your year as well 🙂

Highlight One: Good first half

The first half of the year was fabulous. I had just quit my job, taken on another job in the non-corporate sector and was loving the work. Funnily enough, as I write this post, I have resigned, again – yes, now I seem like an unreliable soul. deal with it – and taken on a part-time commitment in the same line of work. From full-time to part-time, no, that doesn’t bring me more money, in fact, my net income has considerably reduced but, I have a good feeling about this. I never regret anything in life, yes I tend to go a little too hard on myself when things don’t go as planned, but do not regret as nothing can be done about it anyway. Just get up, move on and let everything else go flush itself away. Very self-centred but at the end of the day, each man for his own, said Bill Sikes. So yes, a good feeling, because I tend to have a good feeling when decisions are made, what happens afterwards, well lol to that.

Of the many things I learnt in 2014, one of the most significant was what it was easy to make money. It’s funny because I first heard of this concept in 2012-2013. I was in the final year of uni and the English Department thought it best to have mentor groups. It was one of those times I looked forward to the most and my mentor was the Dean of the faculty. My mentor group also included a student from the Masters programme. A former bank manager who gave up her job to read for her Masters in English, after having done her MBA. She only said, “After I found out that making money was easy, I left my job.” I think since then I might’ve unconsciously work towards this and a year and a half later, I may have seen the light.

Highlight Two: Teaching

Oh my gosh. I taught.

Like WHAT?! It was also one of the best-est things I had ever done. Who knew! Also turned out that my class liked me. WHO KNEW. It was six wonderful weeks at an awfully sleepy time (classes were from 1-4 in the afternoons. Chee) and I had a ball of a time. It was a humungous class of 35 and I had students who were months younger than me. Things got a leetle hawkward when they guessed my age and the last day when I came out with the number, now that was a little funny.

One of my kids drew this flyer for their drama.

One of my kids drew this flyer for their drama.

Despite it being one of the greatest achievements this year and perhaps one of the best things I have ever done, I don’t know if I would ever do the same thing again. Maybe in a different context, but honestly I did not completely believe in what I was teaching. It was not the holistic approach I had in mind and despite the money being okay-ish by the end of six-weeks and I got myself a new phone, no I don’t think I would do the same thing again. For the same students, yes definitely, but not with the same course plan. That’s not what I was taught and moreover that isn’t really what I would teach.

I did start off documenting my experiences, but sadly it never got beyond 3000 words. Didn’t publish it anywhere but thought I would add an excerpt over here. (It’s password protected in case you are reading and it is the title of this post)

Highlight Three: leaving the job at the end of the year


To new ventures (and new notebooks).


Okay so before anyone who knows me for over two years hurls rocks at me, yes I quit my full-time job, again, at the end of the year. Now please don’t take me for the “job-changing types” *cough cough and high-fives to those who understood between my lines. teehee.* But I have my reasons for having done so, both in 2013 and this year. Last year, I was in a corporate and utterly underworked. Like why! 😦 This year, having stayed on for a whole year, yes I did like what I did. The learning was phenomenal and there was so much of travelling (as you will read a little further down). But was I content with what I did? Well, I guess not.

I was losing purpose, once again. I don’t know if it has to do with my end-of-the-year madness, but I began questioning everything once again, including the integrity of what I did. I will now be working part-time that will hopefully help me find purpose and moreover give me more time to focus on things I really want to do. I will continue to write but there are other things I want to look into as well, fingers crossed. As I said a few paragraphs ago, I learnt that it was easy to make money. Since I don’t have responsibilities (like children or loans – yet!) I think I could do with this time off and well let’s see 🙂

Highlight Four: My best friend got married

Oh my gosh like what! Well, I saw this coming for aeons but oh-em-gee I’m so excited for her. Okay she didn’t get m-a-r-r-i-e-d, with a white dress, but she got registered and weeee. The wedding is about one-and-a-half years and I’m just super excited.



She and I have been friends since school and despite she being all the way in the States and me then in India and now in SL, we managed to remain friends! Not as though I’m good with long distance relationships or anything *lol* but I don’t know man. We talk when we talk and even though there is a lapse of a certain period of time, it doesn’t seem so. That’s at least how things are with most of my close friends. We talk on occasion, meet up hmm once a month ish, but still manage to love each other to the moon and back. Haney ❤

On that note, I must say that I am super thankful for the fantabulous family and friends in my life. I don’t know what I would do without them.

Highlight Five: I surprised my sister

So the day after my best friend’s registration I flew off to surprise my sister. Sadly she did not fall for my little lie about running off with a boy to spend the day (I partially blame my mum for this, she forgets I have no shame) and tries to call me while I was on the flight. Ramas.

But all goes well, I had contacted her colleague a month before and voila, everyone is the happy. I do have a video, but not quite sure if I can post it online. Haha. But to those who receive it, well do lol with me 😀


Merry Christmas!

We honestly didn’t do much those few days I was there. I had visited Dubai before and was actually looking forward to some quiet time within four walls and most of the part, that did happen. I did manage to do bits and pieces of work, nothing too fancy, but all was well and best of all, I stayed away from both my laptop and phone for quite a while. Like fasting every year, I think it’s important that we take a small tech-break as well, at least from the “communicating” devices and spend more time with ourselves and loved ones. Let’s not declare it a tradition already though 😀

Highlight Six: Consumerism 

I’m not too sure if this would be a positive highlight, but I got myself so many things this year, including a very nice piece of bling for my birthday. Quite pleased at myself and also a little ashamed with having absolutely no savings for the coming year but hey, live fast and die young? 🙂

Highlight Seven: Fell in love with SJPs

It was love and it was suede and green. This is surprising because I have a secret anti-suede campaign running only because of the tropical weather we live in. The roads or the rains will ruin your shoes, for life. I already have a pair of suede shoes and am thoroughly protective of it, but this was just so beautiful. One of the pairs off Sarah Jessica Parker’s collection, I have never felt as though GREEN peep toes were meant for me. Simultaneously, I also learnt that closed toe are not meant for me as my feet are too narrow for that.


Best of all, this is within the expensive-but-affordable category and yes, one of my birthday presents (for myself) the coming year.

Highlight Eight: Travelled much more than I thought I would

As I said earlier, my job called for quite a number of travels this year. Well not as much as my bosses of course, they practically live on airplanes, but for me, this was a little overwhelming. As most of you know, I’m not too fond of travelling, only because I feel as though I need to “discover” my land first, and that is just what I did when my Nepali friend came to Sri Lanka.

But in retrospect, the travelling wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, yes there was airport madness and missing flights and long transits and what not but there was internet failing which some other device or person to keep me entertained.


WordPress also gave me an annual report as well, which was lovely. Turns out my biggest readers and commenters were Rothbourne, David, Dili love, Dinusha and Akki. Thanks guys, love you and all of your writing, pictures, baking and love ❤


In Minneriya when my lovely Nepali friend visited Lanka land. Here’s to 2015, to a positive sunny year.

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  1. chrisyisblogging says:

    ah what a great post and thanks for the warning about the long post, gave me a minute to get my coffee first. My favorite is the best friends wedding I can’t wait until mine gets married….such fun, thanks for sharing =)

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