December Sentiments

It’s still Tuesday over here. Writing because well, I’m marginally tipsy coz now we are back to storing alcohol in the room. Tough days.

As I mentioned in a post yesterday and a few days ago, we are shifting. I never realised how many things I had in my room. Most of them included all these souvenir boxes I kept for every “special” occasion in my life. For example, India had it’s own box, my trip to Thailand in 2004 had another, school had one hugeass box.

But then something happened.

I was told to get rid of all the junk,

and I did.

In retrospect I think to myself, why did I even keep all those birthday cards from all these years past? I even threw the ones I got this year. I mean I will hopefully live to see another birthday or I don’t know. Just overly morose now and sad.

Not entirely relevant but lol. (c) Google Images

It’s morning now. There’s tonnes to do and I’m wearing a new dress. I also realised this morning while driving to work on how bitter an individual I was and felt thoroughly ashamed. Chee. I suppose we all are bitter, sad and miserable inside. It just gets ugly when it all comes back to us, quite unexpectedly.

In more sunny news however, I started reading again. Like reading a book. It’s been a while since that happened noh. Off to shopping and lunch now and hopefully work until my friends walks in to the restaurant.

Also, how do people manage to go on vacation, without working? 😮


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