On Time

“All of the areas we are unaware of, all of the things we miss, how we think these big moments are in our life? When I graduate, when I get married. But maybe really life is what is in between all those big moments,” Boyhood.

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It’s 0100h and life seems normal again.

It’s been a while since I felt this way and I’m not certain if it is the evening I spent with friends that resulted in this normality or the music I listened to, danced to, or the fact that I watched a movie and was struck with inspiration I may have not felt for a while now.

Time is a funny entity. It’s interesting how the film (Boyhood) is capable of deconstructing the myth of Carpe Diem (translated to: seize the moment) and portraying as to how it is the moment that actually seizes us.

In reality, we have no control over time. What we do have control of, is the actions we take on at a given time. No one is going to thrust a life guide on how to live, what to do and being what people call socially-acceptable. More often than not, the actions we perform leaves us with a deep sense of regret many years after. For the past six to ten years however, I have consciously made myself not regret, not because I’m great no, lol, but I consciously abstain from feeling regret as I know that it is the consequence of a decision I may have made at that given time. The rationale to it may be utter nonsense to my older self, but it may have been my naivety from earlier and in reality that cannot be helped.

There are no good decisions or bad decisions. There cannot be a label on the choices we make. It is always a conscious decision, yes even those time we have drunk sex or run down a dog because we were drunk driving. After all, the decision was to drink and what happens after is a result of the choice one makes.

It is what we do at the given moment in time what moulds us to who we are later in life. It is neither the decisions we make ten years from now, nor at the beginning of the year. We live in the moment and it is the actions we do in that given moment that counts. Recollection and introspection does inevitably take place. It is important that we give ourselves time to think and look back on what was done, what was achieved (and not achieved) and weigh the consequences of decisions made. Whilst they cannot be altered, we can learn from them and perhaps tell ourselves not to do what we find morally incorrect? 🙂

Or if that is too much of an effort, introspection simply allows time to think, reflect and do what is best for yourself at that given moment. It also provides space to identify priorities, accept responsibility and take charge of your life. It is your life that you can take charge of, not time and no one but you can do it for yourself.

Here’s to normality and life ahead.


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