December Updates

Oh hello. Yes, I shamefully said that it’d be an every-day-December-blog, but that didn’t happen okay and I’m sorry. I’m not sorry because I didn’t write, lol, I had genuine reasons that prevented me from doing so (read, exhaustion), but I’m sorry because there’s so much that happened that I want to tell you babies! So be ready, this is bound to be a (little) long one.

First, I wrote last on Tuesday and since then, quite a few things have happened and I’ve been kept super duper busy. From what I recall of Wednesday, there was a lot of driving, as usual, but I was in the city only for the first half of the day, got back a little past noon with Mum and was working from home. The rains were terrible as far as I remember and I got a new shalwar stitched! If you saw my picture on Instagram on Friday, you would know what I’m talking about! 🙂

Thursday was a mad mad day (and did I mention the rain?). Started off by realising that I had left my wallet at home. Tragic. Rushed back to mum’s office and got cash for the day. Felt so helpless. I didn’t even have my driver’s license! 😮 After getting sufficient money from her that I assumed would be enough for the day (who would think noh?), I had a long salon visit and voila, ended up with red hair! So so happy about the colour and now we can roast toast on my head. Teehee. While rushing back to work (yes the things that pay for my ventures, tsk) I managed to meet a few friends for tequila (trust me, I don’t do shots. I’m more the shot and shandy type of person). Though marginally light headed, I did see through a few important updates etc and Mum thought I had passed out coz I forgot to call. HAHA. Also in other news, the afternoon shot progressed to intensive drinking at night, passing out and a whole heap of ugly but laughable things in between and getting home the next day marginally hungover. On a more pleasant note, I’m quite pleased with myself on getting back on track with a few important things in life: writing, excessive alcohol and work.

Getting back on track eh :D

Getting back on track eh 😀

Friday was a mad rush. First because, it was a Thursday that progressed to a Friday and a family function that went on till Saturday morning. The aforementioned shalwar came into use over here.

It is interesting to note how I now fail to differentiate between days and one day becomes a transition into another. I mean that’s how it always was but this is just crazy, especially when you hardly end up sleeping in your own bed and succumb to couches, chairs and all sorts of other ungodly places. lol.

Saturday was the sleep-in day! I was horribly tired, naturally with all that drinking and late nights and yes, and Saturday was another late night that was to happen. Missed out on a deadline coz of family stuff and the evening was another family event. Oh dear. I did take my laptop with me, (yes, I know) but was too ruddy tired to actually work as much as I wanted to. Ended up working off my phone as I was the designated driver for the night, as always.

Today was much better actually. Catching up with work, slowly but surely, meeting friends for dinner and trying to make the most of what’s left for the year 🙂

I hope you all have a fabulous week ahead!

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