December Achievements

Oh hello there, I wrote again, so soon too. Teehee. The post is a little delayed than I expected however, had to rush out an hour after getting home and well that happened.

Two things I can write about for this post before I pass out from exhaustion (also how is it only Tuesday?!). First, please see the image below.

This is from my WP dashboard. lol.

This is from my WP dashboard. lol.

So, for those who know me, yes I am a salonpas junkie. I don’t know how I would live without them and I buy a pack every 7-10 days. I patch them to my shoulders and few hours after wax it off like it’s no one’s business. Now I’m thankful that I don’t get full body waxes coz I would just be doing my waxing girls job by taking the salonpas off my shoulders, but then again my waxing story isn’t really the point here noh.

But when people search for my blog (apparently people do outside the share-plug ins I’ve enabled, pancy pants) there is a salonpas involved in the search and boy aren’t I glad.

#ProTip : If you are a little scared about removing them, have a shower with it, make sure it’s nice and wet and disgusting and remove the patches slowly. It hurts less. Or if you want it done in one go, ask someone else to peel it off for you. They no feel your pain. 


Second story for the day, I finished a book! Yay.

That was actually what the title was all about (and also maybe about me posting twice today, hurrah). It was a book I picked up while at the Delhi airport and oh before I forget, I have a habit of buying or downloading books and movies and uhm keeping them. Of the six-hundred odd movies I have on one of the external hard disks, I may have watched a maximum of fifty. I like telling myself that I will never in my life run out of options to entertain myself 😀

But yes, I finished a book. After a long long time at that too, and it was a book other than Game of Thrones also! Written by my second favourite (Indian) Partition writer after Bhisham Sahni, Kushwantnama is a memoir by Khushwant Singh and a golden book of all things true. He wrote it when he was ninety-eight and Google tells me that he died this March. May he rest in peace.

It’s really funny how probable role models I pick up in life, after having read a book of theirs or listened to an anecdote concerning them all die the same year the tale was heard of story was read. It’s déjà vu all over again. The first (almost probable) role model was Arthur C Clarke and my fascination with the man began in late 2007.

On an unrelated note, I also realised how much we glorify those who died and convert their mere writing to golden words of wisdom. Perhaps the association of inflated egos that prevent us from doing so when they are alive. 

Below, I quote a couple of my favourite lines from the book. I hope you like them too.

“Our ancestors made a list of five deadly sins kaam (lust), krodh (anger), lobh (greed), moh (attachment) and ahankaar (pride).”

“I had to cope with death when I lost my wife. Being an agnostic I could not find solace in religious rituals. Being a loner essentially, discouraged friends and relatives from coming to condole with me. I spent the first night alone sitting in my chair in the dark. At times I broke down but soon recovered my composure. A couple of days later I resumed my usual routine, working from dawn to dusk. That took my mind off the stark reality of having to live alone in an empty home for the rest of my days. When friends persisted in calling and upset my equilibrium, I went off to Goa to be by myself.”

“These days, I think of death more than ever before but I have stopped worrying and brooding about it.”

There is a whole lot more but then I think I’d end up quoting the entire book. If possible, do have a read, it’s a pretty quick read 🙂

Hope you had a sunny Tuesday my lovelies.

Until tomorrow ❤

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