December Traffic

So, the title may seem not entirely accurate but whatever okay, I got caught in this nomination traffic block today and it took me one and a half hours to get to Colombo. Oh the joys. Also, I apologise for not writing yesterday, was out for most part of the day and then took to packing (we are moving house in case I didn’t mention this before) and was a little tired. #SadPanda In other news I have very weird eyes, they were always a little funny to start with given the squint and all but now it’s all red-ish and I gave my mum an Ebola scare. Haha. I like being mature like that.

In other news, I saw and heard two things that I think I should share with you. First was one of these Abans cleaning people picking up wet (they looked like jackfruit or kottamba) leaves from the ground. Despite working for an environmental organisation, no, I’m not a die-hard environmentalist. My carbon footprint this year alone might be slightly more than an average Sri Lankan’s and also, I own way too many materialistic possessions to classify myself so. Nonetheless, I do have an issue with littering because of the larger concerns with solid waste management and (missing out on) opportunities for renewable energy generation. So, I see this man pick up leaves on the road while waiting for the light to turn green. While I know that what he was picking up was biodegradable and it was indeed part of his job to do so and if there weren’t leaves falling on the ground that he will not have employment, it was an immense gush of emotion (yes I am susceptible to this despite popular truths) that made me think of how he should be employed otherwise. I don’t feel this way towards those who take to begging as a living. The afore mentions truth in parentheses work well in this situation and no I do not feel sorry for them. Unless they have lost a limb or sense, they are capable of easily finding (cringe at “finding”) work and even if they were short of a bodily function, there are still opportunities available, or please correct me if I am wrong.

The second incident that triggered the post was something I overheard while having lunch. I was reading through an article, so I could avoid being a part of lunch room conversations and could not help but overhear on how Lady One was telling Ladies Two and Three on how she does _not_ for the presidential election (in general) and how she couldn’t care less on elections all together. Oh trust me, I don’t either but hey, this is the first time I’m going to cast my vote and dang am I not excited! Yay. But on a more serious note, it was quite sad to hear the tone of apathy in her voice. I mean she is married with kids and I don’t know, thought it wasn’t right for her to not have any political will as a concerned citizen and responsible parent. Or I might be wrong. I don’t know.

About to head out now in search of food and alcohol.

This does not apply to me entirely but just seemed convenient. Teehee. (c) Google Images

This does not apply to me entirely but just seemed convenient. Teehee. (c) Google Images

Until tomorrow, stay happy 🙂

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