December Babies

Hurray. It’s one of my closest friends birthdays and after having forgotten her birthday-day last year it was a never again situation. This year went quite well but sadly I seemed to have not have her new mobile number, sigh these Indians I tell you.

But yes, happy birthday Anu. So super excited that the little girl is all grown up now *insert patronising tap on the head* and it’s been too long since we saw each other’s pretty faces now. Sigh. Now that I be among the earners, it’s about time I go see her or meet midway in India, where the romance first began with Betty-ness.

One of the friendliest vegetarians I know, *tsk* this kid is super smart and outshone all of us and took off to UK because she be fancy like that. Now she’s done, I think, and she’s doing even fancier things, super duper fancy photographer and of the biggest travellest bugs of friends I know. Damn you go girl! ❤

On this very happy Friday, not only do I wish her the best of birthdays but also the heartiest of wishes for life ahead in discovering places, spaces and herself.

Teehee 😀 (c) Google Images

A short post I know, but I’m off to drink in her name 😉

TGIF babies ❤

P.S. : To Anu. One of my fondest memories while in India was walking and chilling down Rajarajeshwari Nagar. A place I found to be quite different from the rest of the nonsense in Bangalore. It was residential, there were people who were nice and for a critical bitch like me, I’m glad my India-years had a bit of exposure to the little town. Made me “find” newfound appreciation towards the country that I loved nevertheless and most importantly, instilled in me a “nice” (because I cannot find an appropriate word) feeling that I may not have otherwise cultivated.

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