December Priorities

So yes I made it a point to start all my titles with “December”, because I’m cool like that. <insert swag>

Today was an eventful day. It was sunny and there were lovely people, both known and unknown who made it sunnier 🙂 I met up with a school friend for some work and then spent some time catching up on life, gossip and philosophy #priorities I also took her shopping with me and she seemed a lovely shopping companion despite not being a shopper herself ❤ We met after a few years, two I think, and it was really good meeting after so long and it seemed as though time had not changed a thing. She continues to be one of the smartest people I know and I one of the loudest and perhaps equally-eccentric ones that she knows! I explained to her why I was in search of Mr Darcy Collins, as I was a Charlotte and not an Elizabeth. She is the odd-sort like myself and it’s only a small wonder that we became friends in the first place. Haha.

A very pleasant day indeed. Spent a lot of time with myself, driving for most of the part, but it was indeed quite nice. It’s been a while since I did this and felt good despite the constant headaches (because I washed my hair in the morning and the phlegm hit the ceiling as always noh) and the newfound neck problem. I need to buy one of those neck pillows noh.

I also bought myself a planner for next year today. It was a pity because I was looking for something with red leather (fancy random, I know!) and this time around, I actually had the money to spend for one. But sadly for me, I didn’t find one 😦 Was very disappointed with Premium Stationers and actually ended up buying the same thing I have been using this year. It is very basic as in the picture below but the most functional. Also the best thing? I got it for 700 bucks from Lake House! Now I have more money to buy unwanted things now. Teehee. Oh and eBay just tells me that the silly Thai seller has just shipped my item. Thank heavens. I intended to bring the skies down with unwanted racist remarks. Lol. It’s been quite an expensive month so far, I mean cyber week, Black Friday and shopping in SL? Who said money can’t buy happiness? 😀

I hope you all had a lovely day. Do stay sunny till tomorrow!


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