Hello December!

Seeee. I wasn't lying. Also, I was too lazy to focus the phone cam, apologies.

Seeee. I wasn’t lying. Also, I was too lazy to focus the phone cam, apologies.

I know the title must be a “whaat” moment, but yes December just happened because I just ripped off my calendar. Teehee. Also, I want to stick to a daily posting time, to maintain some form of decency, but that also didn’t happen. Here’s hoping to get tomorrow’s post out by 08.00pm tomorrow. It’s holy day and there is also a call but let’s see. Like the daily blogging days I will type it off the phone. See, what a dedicated Seni. Teehee.

Today was anything but exciting. It was awfully busy as always and there was so much of driving, most of which included driving in circles looking for parking. Shayyo. I have a long, (not really [work] busy) day tomorrow and am half contemplating if I should tuk it. Then again I thought that I could eat something for all that tuk money and spend it on petrol. #Firstworldpains I know.

See, I’m being nice and loading it with lots of nice things on this post (lookie the boxie below). What a nice Seni. Also, I apologise about referring to myself in third person muchly, the monkey (praising her tail) business will stop soon 😀 Also, the playlist was in search of “Jack Johnson” not “rain music”, in case all you fellow anti-rain people were wondering. lol.

Waving at Helicopters 

My mum and I went to Dehiwala today after work and I was taking the Nugegoda road back home when I was sitting at a traffic light waiting for the Old Gods to bring on the green. A helicopter was flying above us and by instinct I waved at it. Everyone does that yes? Or was it something we used to do as kids? I also learnt recently that waving at moving vehicles such as buses and trains weren’t the best of ideas either. I was politely told that I had outgrown the stage of being able to do so.

Until tomorrow comes.

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