December Diaries!

Hello beautiful people! 🙂

This post is much delayed, it was supposed to come out on Monday December 01, 2014 but then it didn’t as I was asleep by 11pm! 😮 It has been very tiring days. I’ve been in the “city” more than I like and been driving around a lot and the ruddy cold doesn’t make life easier noh. Meh.

Before I proceed, I know I’m infamous for starting series and not necessarily completing, but this is a goal to try and blog through the whole of December because, this month has always been a special one for me and for my family.

In reality however, it hasn’t been as festive as I’d hoped so far, mostly due to work and of course the end-of-the-year blues, which I will elaborate over the next few days.

Not ranting further, because I’m too tired, I’ve been eternally tired these days and been downing koththamalli as though my life depended on it, sheesh.

Write soon(er than you think!)

Weeee. Coz everyone needs one of these noh? :)

Weeee. Coz everyone needs one of these noh? 🙂

P.S. – I almost published this in the wrong blog. HAHA.


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