The Icing on the Cake #TBCAsia

So I attended the “opening ceremony” of this Conference and yes, I was crazy to not stay for it but I was starting to get a little too sick for my liking, I had an article due and was hungry enough to eat an entire fridge (and hence couldn’t be bothered to stay in queue to eat ten miniature pastries while the rest of the world judges you). Teehee.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 12.05.09

I wasn’t lying. I ate the whole of Goodies and the Danish pastry was the size of both my hands. And yes, this is the screenshot of my Instagram upload coz I’m lazy like that.

But given that I like to provide my invaluable input on all things in life having been with the tour for one and a half days and also a quarter day of the actual conference, I think I have quite a bit of opinion to share. Lol.

I may have ranted about it yesterday as well, but there is a dire need of showing what actually is. Bloggers and writers are not your average tourists and no, I do not speak of myself. Hahaha. In fact, I’m hardly a tourist let alone on vacation, but I speak of these (fancy) travel bloggers I met the past few days are not the sort to check in to hotels and spend a “vacation” there. While they may seem to be on a permanent vacation of sorts, in reality, that is their job! Think of someone who works at a hotel, that doesn’t mean that they are on vacation either noh. Eh. Lol. Similarly, the deal with these guys is that they travel, stay and document their experiences for readers like us to well, read! They make the experience of travel truly one of a kind and it’s sad how little people know how much a piece of writing can trash or make better anything. At the end of the day, their experience, in the base(st) form possible, narrows down to a review and we all know what a bad review could do to any product or service noh.

This might be a disjointed post of sorts as I am writing in between things *don’t go dirty minded now. lol* and I have turned out to be miserably sick. Down with a bit of fever and really bad cold that makes me cry.

While the ceremony in itself was good, at least for the little part that I stayed on for and found the little that I heard to be quite useful, I’m not sure what would have been made out of by those attending. (also that sentence is a little off and I cannot rephrase it, again)

I was truly amazed to see people who live in Colombo knowing so little of the potential of social media and blogging and what not. But then again this situation would be quite similar to when the Indians I once lived with asked me how I felt about the war. If you know what I mean.

Again, while I think the tour and the conference in itself were fabulous, I speak only of content and nothing with the organising and administration side of things because uhm lol. Having worked in contexts where people and companies are averse to “new” media tools and not willing to make the shift to these by investing a bit in a “new” marketing strategy, I’m not sure how much it would benefit us locals. Again, there are rules to the exception no doubt and there are many of those I know who work with “new” media. But then again, the goal of the conference was to promote Sri Lankan tourism and in a way, I suppose that was achieved. Or that’s what we all like to believe.

P.S. – My initial train of thought was heavily disturbed by my cold and fever so apologise about the shitty ranty post.


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