Southern Coast Bound #TBCAsia

So today children we went down South. Or rather, we were here since yesterday in Beruwela, but today we went and did the Galle gig and what not. It’s a few hours before departure time and I’m dog-tired but it needs to be said. In other related news, I have come in to terms that my writing is beyond repair. It is abso-bloody-lutely horrible and perhaps time I start looking for a new job. Sigh.

For someone who like to call herself a realist, there were a couple of things I realised that may have been specific to me or for #TBCAsia itself.

Paint a Real Picture 

While it is all well and good to have guide books written by anyone but locals, or at least that is what I found at the bookstore two weeks ago, it occurred to me that this would not be the sort of experience I would want anyone to see of the country. All is not well and good, all is never well and good anywhere and despite celebrated “Happiness Indexes” in the region, it is absurd to paint a picture of that which isn’t. Perhaps, this would contradict the entire motive of tourism but that cannot be helped if you are a realist like I am. HAHA. But yes, I don’t travel as much so technically I’m not allowed to speak much on this post.

But on the other side of things, what I would like to do is write things exactly as they are. Of course include a bit of tourist-ee escapades here and there, I mean who wouldn’t but for writers especially, I’d like to call ourselves a bunch that chooses to see things differently. All artists do and despite the facade of urban landscape and 100 kmph expressways, the country still suffers from poverty, food insecurity, lack of primary education and housing for internally displaced persons among many other concerns.

A Different Sort of Appreciation 

Yudhanjaya pointed this out yesterday in a post of his about the different perspectives locals get while on tour with foreigners or individuals to whom the experience is new and untainted. For us, more often than not it’s a “been there, done that” situation or better yet, “not been there, definitely not doing that (because it’ll be around forever)” situation that we take for granted. But unless we have friends coming down to visit or get on board something of this sort, we would never make it a point to see things as they are and appreciate them for what it is.

This occurred to me while on the Cinnamon Air flight that I would have never taken otherwise. I do not mention brand names but then again how many people out there actually have “internal” flights? lol. But one thing is for sure, I’ve always wanted an ariel view of the country and I sure did get one!

But my phone didn’t click as many pictures as it have otherwise would, for three reasons. First, I didn’t have a fancy camera, lol. Second, my phone was running out of storage space, of all time! Third and most importantly, I remember one of my literature teachers telling me how a moment is forever lost when captured via the lens of a camera. I miss out on that moment I could’ve otherwise absorbed every minute feeling and visual into my little brain that would later reproduce it much differently (and eventually disappear), but I knew that what I saw could never be captured and even if I could’ve I wouldn’t have had enough time.

There’s more that needs to be written, but I’m misspelling words and haven’t reread this, so until tomorrow.

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