Where My Baes At? #TBCasia

If the title doesn’t seem familiar to you, then it is clear that you are not consumed by YouTube or any of the weird content published on that site, like this one. I don’t particularly like this YouTuber no, but I watched this video once and was forever scarred. But point being, I am at Cinnamon Bey and this was the only title I could think of. HAHA.

So #TBCAsia eh and whhhat am I doing here? My question exactly! Before you go on Google, #TBCAsia stands for Travel Bloggers Conference Asia and they are having it in Sri Lanka this time. How amazingly cool is that! I am a big fan of promoting the country left, right and centre but this is quite big, I mean we have real fancy travel bloggers uhm travelling around the country!

Again, what am I doing here?

Yes, I know that you know that I don’t like fancy travelling too much, especially on work and this is work because one thing led to another and here I am at (my) B(a)ey. I got on board the tour that precedes the conference quite late in the day because of commitments at work and home and am yet to meet the real deal in flesh and blood but so far all seems well yes. I was also the brave soul of the night that squashed the cockroach in my room. Or maybe that statement shouldn’t have gone in here. But meh, it’s a tropical buggy country. Stop being silly now.

From what I hear and the jazz I’ve read so far, I am to be civil to nearly fifty people and on a more serious note, learn something from them. Who knows, I might even learn to appreciate travelling more!

More writings tomorrow.


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