Day Ten: When Exhaustion Hits

…you call it quits.

I don’t remember being this tired. Like ever. Okay maybe I do, but not in a very long time. My head hurts, along with many other parts of my body and I only hope that Sunday comes soon so I can sleep.

I think it’s about time I go on another writing break of sorts, I really do like this daily blogging business and there seems to be a few of you who actually do read it, totally whoa. Thank you, because I’m super humbled. but I need a break, at least for a week.

When exhaustion hits an individual who is already overcome by sadness, it is then when you decide to start drinking again and remove yourself from any possible responsibilities you have taken on.

I also wanted to share a piece of happy information that happened sometime early this month, probably the only positive thing about this post.

Woots :)

Woots 🙂

I will be back, soon, I hope. Just a lot of negative energy in me I shouldn’t let out as it would unhealthy for a whole load of other people as well.

Stay sunny lovelies.

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