Day Eight: Settling for the Mundane

I was unsure what I was to call today’s post after having declared this as a week where I would seek redefinitions of things and sentiments I once thought I understood, but the following quote I have added at the end of one of my email addresses made more sense to me now than it had before:

I write because I have never managed to be happy. I write to be happy.

– Orhan Pamuk

This post is taking longer than I thought as I am still finalising on a theme of sorts. I think I should get away on a vacation soon, maybe will treat myself closer to the name day.

I silently laugh at myself realising to what extent I have been influenced by Game of Thrones.

There haven’t been many eventful things that have taken place today and the ones that did, well sharing them online wouldn’t be the best of ideas. Tomorrow seems marginally interesting I think, but the mundane days are kicking in and things seem to be like what they were a year ago.

How has your days been lovelies? Hope it was sunny and productive 🙂

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