Day Seven: A Week of Redefining

Happy Monday my lovelies!

I am starting off quite early today, read 0004h! Mostly because I need to get the pictures for the post sorted as I would be up and about with lots of things today. I am yet to neatly categorise and justify the last few posts as well, will do over the course of the week. I initially titled this Pray, Faith, God but think redefining is what I would be doing over the course of the week. But you do see the overall theme that would be setting this week’s tone yes?

I couldn’t find a less cheesier image so this has to suffice. Thank you (c) Google Images

It’s late afternoon now and the rain Gods seem to have descended upon us once again. I’ve been all over the place this morning, running around for work, on errands and what not. Nothing too newsworthy took place though and if you know me, I do have an extent to which I let you in on my life. Teehee. While I do see the joy in Daily Blogs or writing more than I used to, I still do maintain the required walls of social media.

To this day, despite being a social media enthusiast, I’m not too sure how much of my life “should be shared” and how much of it “shouldn’t be” online. Perhaps there are guidelines of sorts that we do not have access to as yet? If you are reading this, do let me know as to what you think of this. I try to maintain some level of “protection” online with protected profiles and not-too many selfies on public profiles but despite my “protected” Instagram account I wonder how many people actually have access to my selfies? I stopped checking in on Foursquare, mostly as I was utterly bummed out by the Swarm integration and that disgusting UI, but later on I pat myself on the back for actually cutting down on the need to make my digital footprint freely available to the rest of the world.

On the move now and despite vowing to not write or read while travelling due to motion sickness, I could not help but be utterly amused at the question posed by my tuk driver. He asked me if I was Sinhala or Tamil. Funny how other possibilities didn’t seem to be available. I’m in a kurtha now and I have my nose stud and his confusion must’ve been normal. Lol.

It’s bound to get quite busy over the rest of the week. Work is starting to come together very well and I need to keep up to speed and date with it as well. Have a sunny week everyone 🙂


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