Day Three: Teeming with Positivity

Hello lovelies!

For starters, I am unsure if my title is grammatically sound, if it isn’t apologies for English is my second language. Teehee. Second, it is still 1030h but today is a busy day ahead, just got off one meeting and stopped for some coffee and a breather before the next.

I am feeling a little positive today, so I suppose my title would be an exaggeration of the actual situation. Lol. I hope the day turns out as well as it seems in my head. I would be running around here and there from the looks of it, would like one of those Hermione time turners now.

(c) Om man courtesy Google Images.

Also, a big apology for not writing since Thursday, I think I would try my best to stick to a Monday-Friday schedule because the weekend gets busy household chores and duties! As for Blogging Tuesdays, yes that would come about soon as well. Life has become all about getting my act back together.

Will write in a few hours, hopefully there would be something new to speak about as well 🙂

I missed my eight pm deadline noh, coz I was busy running after food. Better late than never!


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