Day Two: A Driven Thursday

Good evening!

I thought I almost missed the 08pm deadline, but seemed to made it just on the nick of time. Lol.

Today was a day filled with lots and lots of driving. I don’t mind it to be honest, maybe lesser than I did when I first started driving, but there was much driving today as my Nepali friend from uni came to SL for her two-week break, so had to pick her up, spot her rather in the midst of thousands of Hajj-pilgrim-relatives who thought it is fun to kiss thrice in the middle of this arrival place and oh good heavens. Waa. The entire airport journey took nearly four-and-a-half hours with school traffic, stopped for a quick lunch that turned out to be only tea as I was exhausted and drove back to pick the mother, stopped to shop on our way home and finally got home and almost thought I missed the 08pm deadline.

And I was once told that it is essential to write short sentences.

On the shopping side of things, my mother thinks I need new clothes because last month’s toughy-times resulted in me shying away from salon visits and also wearing nice baggy but supposedly comfy-shabby kurthas. HAHA. So, since last week she is determined to buy me new clothes because well, I’m poor it seems. Last I heard, inflation is bad = dollar rate had risen = my pay was higher. Teehee.

Thank you for all those who did stop by to read and comment. Do tell me, how was your day?


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