Day One: and onto More Blogging!

Woots I’m back! 🙂

*glides over imagined confetti thrown all over*

I’ve been hogging a lot of bandwidth on YouTube and have become quite a fan of this daily vlogging business. I’m actually quite appalled at myself and others like me who are actually curious to see slash sneak into the daily lives of ordinary people just like ourselves. That’s when it occurred to me, since I do not vlog, lol, why not attempt a few daily blogs?

Lookie I got myself a fancy thing done also. Bless the internet.

Lookie I got myself a fancy thing done also. Bless the internet.

Since I wouldn’t be writing every few hours, but would sit to write at one particular time of the day, let’s keep it at 08pm local time (that is GMT +5.30 for anyone interested. lol). I’ll try to piece together some of the day’s greatest wisdom and that would be a convenient time to schedule things.

I’m unsure as to what I hope to achieve out of this entire exercise, nor do I know what I would be giving out to those who stop to read except for a big “Thank You” for actually reading through the nonsensical madness I write.

So ideally, this would be the first post of this series, I’m yet to decide on an end date for this, will do so over the next few posts. Moreover, I will be doing a bit of travelling around the country sometime next week so will be writing through my phone and apologise in advance until I am able to justify (align) those posts!

Until we meet again, tomorrow night at 08pm.

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