On Love and Other Drugs

Tsk. I’m so lame man. I’m also very sad. LOL. Juzlookiethetitle.coversfaceinshame.

Before I began working on this post I actually searched my own blog about what I had written about “love”. I am a narcissistic bitch, in case you didn’t get the agenda. In case you wanted to know why and were curious *lol* lookie below:

(in chronological order, descending. be warned, they are very pathetic)

What is sad-der is the fact that I had to read through a few of these posts to remind myself as to the circumstances that surrounded the particular piece of writing! Lol. One reason I don’t write much about the subject is because well, I just don’t.

Also, Cemetery Lover. That’s how deep my life is.

When I was a child, all I had to worry about was dealing with the bitch who broke or stole my colour pencils. (c) Google Images

I’m not quite sure why I’m blogging so soon slash after suchha short interval in between, maybe because I have been sick as a dog (or bitch, whichever sounds better to you) and have been at my laptop from home or my mother’s very comfortable office, working as opposed to going out there and seeing the world. The latter of which I don’t find too important because, hello Google (Earth)! 😀 Yes, I am of the virtual life, sometimes at least, it’s okay if you are judgemental because so am I! *high five*

So what inspired this profound piece of not-so-artistic writing? My tweet of course. Did I also mention that I swim (though I genuinely do not know how to) in narcissism?

<you may now refer the last line of previous paragraph>

Ladies and gentlemen, my staying at home on most Friday nights has now led to this intricate 140 characters (or less) of what I hashtagged as #FridayWisdom

What doesn’t kill you doesn’t make you stronger Kelly, it actually kills you silently.

I’m not sure if everyone could relate to this and if everyone cannot I’m sorry to have failed as you a writer by not creating an experience that is universal but to those who can identify with me, I feel you.

It’s the second half of the year so we all know what that means. It’s time for introspection to kick off. It already has and on tonight’s #FridayWisdom I’ve realised that for some of us who actually build-seventeen-year-old-walls around us all our lives and then-gradullay-un wall-at-some-point-in-our-twenties, it is quite the awful I tell you. Because (tsk, I began a sentence with “because”) not only are we allowing ourselves take that leap of faith that has been taken after a careful calculation of pros, cons and lots of other things on the list, but once the equilibrium begins to shatter or a minor earth tremor starts taking place, dushang. That is all there is to it.

I’m praying to God this Friday night, to take away this wisdom.

I’m also praying for you.

Have a good weekend my babies.


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